PB & J Granola Muffins

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Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned PB & J sandwich?

Today I was inspired by a recipe I found in Family Circle magazine that made little muffin tins full of grains–oats, sunflower seeds and quinoa mixed with a bit of peanut butter with a smidge of strawberry preserves and I thought….this recipe is onto something. Check these out!

But as usual, I am not a recipe follower…

I did start with all natural smooth peanut butter though but not the chunky they suggested. I do LOVE this stuff!

I changed up my grains opting for some kasha (roasted buckwheat), a bit of chia seeds, my beloved pumpkin seeds and oh…yeah…1 TB of coconut oil to infuse just a little coconut-y flavor into the oat mixture…MMMMM….yes. 

Top a bit of the mixture with a smidge of jam or preserves.

Top with a bit more oat mixture and you’ve got yourself a little PB & J Granola Muffin.

I made up these little PB & J Granola Muffins and shared a couple with my friend, Sara.  She later called and told me she loved it and planned on hiding the second muffin so her kids would not find it! Ha!

And although I am not quite ready to think about the ‘back to school’ season….it is only about a month away and these little granola muffins would  make a GREAT brown bag lunch treat…much healthier and better than a commercial granola bar….for sure!

6 replies on “PB & J Granola Muffins

  • Sarah (The Simple Dietitian)

    I just started in on the low FODMAP bandwagon after deciding that enough was enough with my constant digestive issues. I’m on the elimination phase right now, and I was just thinking about how much I’d like to find a suitable muffin recipe.

    Problem solved! Thanks for sharing. 😀

  • Debbie

    Hi Kate, Just made these muffins and they taste amazing. I used individual silicon muffin wrappers which I placed on a baking sheet. I am planing on using them as my post exercise snack. I was wondering how to best store them. Refrigerator or freeze and how long they will stay fresh. Also was wondering if you have any good lowfodmap bread brand recommendations for sourdough spelt. Thank you!

  • Rosemarier

    I just want to say. Thank you for this site. You have real food for people who have to live the fodmap diet. Soooo much better than what I can find in Australia.
    My daughter has to follow the fodmap and now they are trying no yeast, egg and animal milk.
    but you have helped me big time. Big hug

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