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Russ and I visited Montréal this past weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary of 22 years. YIKES…time sure does fly.

What a fantastic city…I felt like we were in France and for us, it was just a 6 hour drive.  

The weather was BEAUTIFUL.  And we really relaxed!….even dipped our toes in the fountain.

When we first arrived, we enjoyed a wonderful meal.  I tried a goat cheese sandwich…

… and Russ ordered a very thin crusted veggie pizza…double yum. Perhaps we had a beer too 🙂

And since it was such a beautiful sunny day, we decided that taking a boat cruise on the St. Lawrence river might be a nice tourist-y thing to do.  When we inquired about what trips were available the nice woman behind the counter mentioned a quiet dinner cruise, or perhaps an all-enclosed boat that travels slowly down the scenic river.  BUT…Russ had something very different in mind.  NO mellow cruises for us.

First we had to get on this ‘get up!’

Here we are with life vests and large ponchos! We would ride the rapids and likely get very wet. Yes, waves crashed over the entire boat! The ponchos are all for show, I think, as I was drenched when the cruise was over.

We had a BLAST!!!  Check out this excursion if you visit Montréal.  Saute moutons- Jet boating.

We also biked the city–city rentals are just $7 per bike per 24 hours.  What a deal!…and a great way to explore the city and work off some of the serious calories we were ingesting daily!

We ate quite a few fabulous meals. We stopped at Communion for a quick cheese platter.  Serious yum!

Cheese was definitely a theme this weekend!

We stumbled upon this great little restaurant, called Garde Manger.  Check out their site here.  One of our favorite dishes was a baby green salad with fried cheddar cheese.  So…I decided to try to make my own version today.

On our drive home back to Massachusetts, we drove through the beautiful state of Vermont.  We stopped by the Cabot cheese store to try some new varieties of cheddar and of course pick up a couple blocks of cheese to try back home.

To create my ‘fried’ cheddar cheese, I actually baked it instead.  Less mess, less fat.

I cut up the cheese in bite size chunks!

Dipped in egg white, and then in a mixture of corn meal and corn flour seasoned with a bit of pepper and salt.

I sprayed the chunks with my misto sprayer filled with oil to give the cheese a nice mist of oil. Baked for 3 minutes and then turned the chunks, sprayed with oil again and baked for another 3 minutes. 

Let the cheese sit a bit so it is still warm and top on your favorite tossed salad greens!

These baked cheddar squares are ready to be added to my greens!  A nice simple mustard-y dressing would serve these greens very well.  Find my salad dressing recipes here.

Enjoy the week!

P.S.  While away I decided that it was time I started to do some push-ups…so Russ and I are on a push-up challenge.  We need to do 25 push-ups every day.  No excuse.  Are you in?



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