Farm Love.

I have to admit, I am somewhat addicted to visiting farms.  I’m not sure I would like to work on one 24/7 but I love walking around, checking out the animals, looking at the plants grow, and just the general vibe.

It’s peaceful on the farm.  At least in my little farm world.  I come and go, cut some lettuce, kale, herbs and head home.  I know the lettuce just didn’t pop out of the ground untended.  I know it took lots of hard work, love, sun, water and the weather to cooperate for the plants to grow. [Not to mention some pest control!]

I am grateful for the hard working farmers that work tirelessly so that I can drop on by and pick produce for my family.

This year I joined Tangerini farm’s CSA (community supported agriculture) spring share  in Millis, Massachusetts.  A CSA is when consumer’s buy “shares” in the farm and in return the farm provides produce for the consumer.  The money you provide for your share helps fund seeds and materials in advance for the farm to grow wonderful fresh produce.  To learn more about CSAs, check out  I have joined Tangerini’s CSA before, but this was my first try at their spring share…and I like it.

My first week on the farm I ran into the field, cut arugula and headed right on home. I do love arugula!

We had the most amazing fresh arugula salad that evening.  I especially appreciated seeing my son, Brennan munch the arugula leaves like he was eating a bowl of potato chips.  Pure nutritionist heaven.

I dress my arugula with lemon, good quality Parmesan cheese, and olive oil.  Here’s a quick recipe for you from a past post.

This week, my daughter  Chelsea, Brennan and I headed to the farm to grab some fresh cilantro, kale and lettuce.  I had chicken tacos on the menu and some fresh cilantro and lettuce would definitely dress it up.  Laura Tangerini pointed out the tasty kale, lettuce and cilantro and away I went chopping and bagging. Here I am in my glory…

And chopping down a big head of lettuce!

We came home with this absolutely beautiful Russian Kale too!

Brennan requested Kale chips to be made immediately upon returning from home…so Chelsea and I whipped them up and Brennan devoured 95% of them with a little help from Chelsea and I.  YUMMMMM….{FODMAP followers….Kale hasn’t been checked for FODMAP content yet}

If you haven’t joined a CSA before, I highly recommend it! I have found joining a local CSA  has provided new experiences for me and my family.  We have  tried produce we had never eaten before, harvested corn and other vegetables by hand, and simply eat more vegetables!  Farm fresh produce weekly for you and your family…you can’t go wrong!