Weigh to GO! Nutrition Services

Who wouldn’t want 2 registered dietitians to come into their home and teach you how to cook a wonderfully healthy family meal?

Meet Liz and Jeanne…of  Weigh to Go! Nutrition Services.  Weigh to Go, a Massachusetts area service, offers in home cooking classes- teaching basic cooking skills or menu planning for someone with a specialized dietary requirements, think…allergies or celiac disease or perhaps just an family that wants to eat healthier.  Not only do these two enthusiastic culinary talents provide personalized cooking instruction in your own home, they also take the show on the road and provide corporate workshops as well. Check out this deelish dish…

Have a few girlfriends interested in learning how to cook a healthy meal, invite Weigh to Go and have a cooking party!

For more info, contact Liz and Jeanne at info@weightogons.com or check out there site here!  Fees vary so best to consult with them directly to design your personalized menu.

And FODMAP followers, this crew can help you cook up some tasty belly friendly dishes too!


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