Blueberry Kiwi Minty Groovy Smoothie

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I am into smoothies lately so I decided to post another recipe. I love concocting all types of smoothies adding fresh herbs (mint, parsley and basil), various fruits and sometimes yogurt for some healthy probiotics and a protein boost.

Todays concoction….a Blueberry Kiwi Minty smoothie which was totally scrumtrulescent if I do say so myself!

Recently our blender broke….perhaps too many smoothies overworked the poor thing.  So, Russ decided he and my son Brennan would pick up a new blender.  And what blender did the get?

They picked up a blender called the Ninja!  Does that sound like something 2 boys/men would buy? Well, yes, of course it does! Ha! It does not simply have one blade in the bottom of the blender like traditional blenders… NO… this blender has a whole row of blades…it is serious stuff.

I am a bit technically challenged.  So, at first I hated the new blender. Why?  Because it requires details in setting it up to work.  1) It has to be sitting on the base —just so– 2) the top has to be aligned–just so–3) and honestly, I am way too busy for these details!  But, the good news is I now know how to use it properly and LOVE it! It’s so strong, I think it would blend rocks.

So my Ninja made a nice smoothie for me today….First, I grabbed a kiwifruit.

Do you like kiwifruit?  I do.  They taste like sweet tarts…sweet and tangy all in one.

I also added mint to the mix. I  have mint sprouting rampantly in my garden.  And I love the fresh taste it adds to recipes.

Here’s the mixture in my NEW NINJA mixer!  Thanks Russ and Brennan!!I had some frozen blueberries and a small scoop of Greek yogurt, so tossed them in with the other ingredients.

Blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), blueberries are near the top when it comes to antioxidant activity per serving, a rich source of Vitamin C and manganese (important for bone development), plus are low in calories and a great source of fiber.  Kiwifruit provides a nice dose of Vitamin C and potassium! Blending these nutrient rich fruits together with the yogurt, rich in calcium and protein, my body is gratefully nourished.

It’s best to drink this smoothie right away as kiwi has protein degrading enzymes that will make the smoothie gloppy is you wait too long to drink!




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