Low FODMAP Chicken Pot Pie

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Hey Friends– I thought I would post this low FODMAP chicken pot pie recipe that I whipped up for Russ and I last week. I used a few short cuts–I bought a plain rotisserie chicken (ingredients=chicken only), FODY foods chicken soup base, and Whole Foods Gluten Free bakehouse pie crust.

You can prep the filling in advance which makes this recipe a bit more convenient on a busy night.

You’ll find the pie crust in the frozen foods section. The pie crust is inside a pie shaped tin but I just rolled it out and cut in strips over the tarragon-infused chicken and vegetable filling.

This is such a hearty comfort food dish.  Russ and I ate almost the whole chicken pot pie! Ha! This will serve 2 hearty servings–or up to 4 people.

And disclaimer–the pictures reveal very clearly that I am not a pastry chef. 🙂 But, rather this is real life in the Kate Scarlata kitchen!

That being said, the flavor is amazing and I bet you can do a better job making this look like a good looking chicken pot pie! Feel free to share your gorgeous pictures with me on Instagram!

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    • katescarlata

      To thicken the sauce I just used Trader Joe’s gluten free flour blend–it is a gluten free blend of flours that are suitable on the low FODMAP diet. You can sub in brown rice flour but I tend to have the GF blends in my house.

  • Marssha Wintringham

    Any way to make this vegetarian instead of the chicken / broth?
    Vegetable pot pie?

    Any way to make a vegetable pot pie, without chicken/broth? Thanks for everything.

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