Game Day Sweet & Spicy BBQ Wing Recipe

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We are seriously gearing up for game day…so the Super Bowl party menu planning is already underway.

A party without wings…is simply not a party, right? 🙂

Well…if you are not a wing person, you can use this recipe with chicken tenders too!  

These wings taste as good as they look. Sooooo good.

The recipe is really simple to whip up.  I used a GF panko style bread crumb and FODY foods Hot BBQ spice blend, purchase spice blend here.

Recipe update: FODY has discontinued the above spice, but good news, Casa de Sante has a delicious BBQ spice blend you can use– it is low FODMAP too! Purchase the spice blend here

The spice blend gives the wings a little kick–but is not off the charts hot.

You will also find a nice cheese and cracker board at my party (most cheese is low FODMAP).  I like to include Blue Diamond Almond nut thins or Mary’s Gone Crackers (original flavor), along with some sharp Cheddar and creamy Brie, red grapes, my homemade hummus (recipe here), carrot sticks and red bell pepper strips.

Another party favorite is Lemon Parsley Roasted Shrimp, check out my recipe post here.

Last year, I was featured on Fox News sharing a few superbowl appetizers including my Buffalo chicken meatballs, recipe here (yup, they are low FODMAP & amaze) and chocolate dipped strawberries (that look like little footballs!) with just a little bit of melted white chocolate (the small amount is low FODMAP).  So cute! (check this post on Pinterest to see the football strawberries)

For a few other low FODMAP game day appetizer ideas, check out my previous post here.

In other news…I am working on my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome post #3. Stay tuned! And we are working behind the scenes gearing up for IBS Awareness month in April.  I am hoping you all can join me this year in my grassroots campaign, called, #IBelieveinyourStory.  To learn more about my story and mission, click here.

6 replies on “Game Day Sweet & Spicy BBQ Wing Recipe

  • Sandy

    I just ordered the FODY BBQ Spice Blend! Looking forward to making these for the big game! I don’t know what we would do without your great recipes Kate! They are a household staple in our home. I can’t thank you enough for the care and compassion you have for those of us struggling with digestive issues.

  • Karyn

    Wow, such great recipes! Sometimes I wish I were not working full time, just so I have the time to play in the kitchen making all these! LOL

  • Jodi

    I made this recipe using chicken breasts rather than wings, and it was a hit. Super easy and delicious! I found that if you use a wire rack on top of a baking sheet, the chicken comes out crispier.

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