Low FODMAP Tailgating!

Ready for some football? Fall is in the air…and football season is in full swing.  If you are anything like my family, every weekend is organized around the timing of the football game. Ha! 🙂 While we gear up for the game, we make some yummy game time snacks. Whether attending a tailgate or enjoying the game on your living room couch, here are a few of my favorite low FODMAP tailgate worthy recipes:

tailgate#1 Chips and Low FODMAP Tomato Lime Salsa  This delicious tomato lime salsa will be a hit! Tomatoes,fresh lime juice, and cilantro are a winning combo.  Add a little jalapeño pepper if you like a little heat.

#2 Pineapple Walnut Cheese Ball This creamy cheese ball appetizer will be a favorite with your football fanatic friends! The low lactose cream cheese, green onion and pineapple mixture is a winning combo….so tasty!  Serve with rice crackers or your favorite low FODMAP table cracker.

#3 Buffalo Chicken Meatballs What’s a tailgate without a little Buffalo chicken something-something? These little ground chicken meatballs infused with Buffalo sauce will take care of your hankering for Buffalo wings (but they’re healthier). So good and easy to make for crowd.

#4 Greek Pasta Salad All the flavors of Greece mixed into one delish pasta salad. This recipe will fill you up and be a crowd pleaser.  Perfect for you and any of your gluten intolerant guests.

No need to go hungry at your next tailgating party, alway bring a low FODMAP treat…so you can snack and enjoy the party too!


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  • Kate

    Thanks for sharing! While we’ve made all of these and love them (especially that pineapple walnut cheese ball!), it’s so helpful to see them paired together for a casual get-together. Thanks again!

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