Sweet and Savory Seed Sprinkles

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When I was in Australia last fall, I found a delicious seed mixture called Savoury Seed Sprinkle-a mixture of sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds with almonds and a hint of chili flakes and tamari.  I used this to sprinkle on salad greens or on top of chicken….very yummy.

I decided to create three different seed sprinkles today one with a bit of cinnamon, brown sugar, coconut oil and maple syrup! How delicious does that sound??

And another with soy sauce and olive oil–a simple but ridiculously tasty blend. And yet, one more with a bit of tahini and chili flakes. First, get your seeds ready…

To keep track (just in case I might forget!) I labeled my seed mixtures on the baking sheet!

I have to admit, my favorite by far was the soy sauce version to the right.  Yum! I topped it on my marinated and grilled chicken for a little crunch.

The sweet version was equally deeeeeelish…and is a great topping for my morning oats!

I added some sliced almonds to my sweet seed sprinkle.  Here it is ready to be stirred!

Of course, these little seed sprinkles would make a nice little foodie gift too!

Nuts and seeds can be a potential source of fructans and GOS so in general keep portions to 1-2 tablespoons.

Here are the recipes for the seed sprinkles.  I didn’t provide the tahini recipe as it was not one of my favorites (plus tahini is not FODMAPs friendly.) I also found that I ‘over-chia’d’ my recipes so modified that in the recipe as well!


Thought for the day: A quote by Winston Churchill:

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by  what we give.

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