Coconut Milk Soft Serve “Ice Cream”

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How about a refreshing summertime treat?

Check out my soft serve treat made with coconut milk!

This is a great option for people with lactose intolerance (me being one of them!)

I’ve been sampling some of the alternatives to cow’s milk and have been pleasantly surprised.

I tried almond milk which definitely had a hint of nutty flavor and then tasted coconut milk that had a very, very subtle coconut flavor.  I know brands vary but the one I tried was very mild.

The coconut milk beverage I used only has about 45 calories per cup.

PLEASE note: I used the coconut milk beverage [see below] these varieties of coconut milk are showing up on the shelves in the grocer’s near almond milk.  This is more of a coconut milk beverage and contains far less fat and calories than traditional coconut milk found in some Asian dishes.

I was inspired by a post on Pinterest that mixed milk, vanilla extract, brown sugar and a few chocolate chips and made them into frozen popsicles that tasted like cookie dough.  Really, who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookie dough? MMMMmmmm.  I tried a version with the almond milk, but it had too much of an ice-y consistency to it, so my daughter Chelsea suggest I try freezing my coconut milk (I used small plastic containers to freeze my milk BUT an ice cube tray would be perfect!) and blend it in my Ninja blender with some brown sugar and vanilla extract and just a splash more coconut milk to create a soft serve ice cream consistency.  And, this was definitely the consistency I was hoping for!

It was really refreshing, light and tasty.  The soft serve on it’s own is a dairy free, low FODMAP treat.

Of course, I added some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips but they are optional. 

Since I didn’t have an ice cube tray available, I just filled up this small plastic container to freeze my coconut milk in…you don’t want to freeze too BIG a ‘chunk’ of coconut milk as it will be hard to break up in a blender!

I just made a small batch…enough for 2 but you can easily double or triple the recipe…just freeze up more coconut milk!


15 replies on “Coconut Milk Soft Serve “Ice Cream”

  • Janel

    I’m loving homemade dairy free ice cream. Even better than coconut milk is…coconut milk. Ok ok I know that sounds like the same thing, but the CANNED light coconut milk gives an even creamier texture. It’s amazing! Just put up the recipe for dairy free s’mores ice cream (using canned coconut milk) on my blog!

    • katescarlata

      Yum…that sounds deelish! I will give that a try! The light coconut milk [canned] would definitely be creamier b/c the fat and calories are much more than the coconut milk beverage but when treating yourself with a ‘treat’ creamier can be just what the doctor ordered! 🙂

    • katescarlata

      Yes, it has changed. On my last Fodmapchat on twitter June 2012 I asked about coconut milk and it was giving the thumbs up by the Australian researchers. Yay for coconut. I love it!

  • Farida

    Hi I tried an ice cream once with coconut milk , it has a special aroma 🙂 but unfortunately not thick as I like , did you try the cream of cocunut ?

    • katescarlata

      I did not try the cream of coconut as it has a pretty high fat content and most of my clients don’t do well with too much fat! But I bet it would taste good! I found just doing a splash of coconut milk to the ‘iced coconut’ was key to getting a thicker consistency. Also, varying up the vanilla and brown sugar to preference is another good idea.

    • katescarlata

      US info has brown sugar as NOT a source of excess fructose so I think in this small serving size it should be okay. We don’t have definitive info on diet for sibo but clearly modifying sugar and carbs is key to starve bacteria. I think the amount in this recipe would be low enough in carbs particularly b/c their is little carb in the coconut milk.

  • steak recipes

    Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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