What are you bringing to the table?

This past week I had a great talk with a wonderful friend. The topic of our conversation was about how your attitude and energy can bring someone up or bring someone down.  That’s something we might all want to remember, right?

We all live- for the most- part in a community.  Whether your community is simply your family or perhaps extends to a wide network of friends.

Do you have friends or family that build you up–make your spirit soar?  Special people that provide a safe haven in which you can be yourself freely. These friends should be cherished, sought after, and visited often! Make a list of these people in your life…and start spending more time with them….NOW!

One of the most important lessons I try to bestow on my children is that any relationship should not be SO difficult.  Sure, we all have hit bumps in the road, feel a bit of stress or perhaps even have moments of being quick with the tongue (not me, HA!) but overall a healthy relationship should not drain you or feel like work.

But as we know, relationships are a two way street.  So stop for a moment and think, and ask yourself this question… What are you bringing to the table?  Are you a kind and positive person in someone else’s life?

Sometimes simply changing your outlook can make all the difference in the world.

Like, is this glass half empty or half full?

I see this glass and say, “It’s half full but I wish it was full of Harpoon beer rather than water!”

So while you gear up for this week ahead…  Try to put out your best positive energy out to those in your community.  If it’s true, ‘what comes around goes around’…you just may find you have one of your best weeks ever!

If you just can’t get out of our own way, maybe try a few of the following tips to help move you into a happier mind set.

  • Move your body-Take a walk and diffuse your sour mood.  Better yet, take a walk with a positive friend! You never regret doing exercise!
  • Be productive-Clean out that closet or basement.  Pass along the clothes you never wear to someone who could better use them! Being productive and accomplished feels good.
  • Call a friend that you know will pick up your spirits.
  • Pay it forward.  Buy the coffee for the person behind you in the drive through coffee lane or a colleague at work.
  • Don’t try to be perfect! Understand that perfectionism can be a detriment.  Just be you, no one does it better.
  • Carve out time EVERY day for a little YOU time.  Even if that means 10 minutes of relaxation to flip through a magazine. Really, a martyr is no fun to be around.
  • Step outside your box.  The magic truly does happen when you do something you thought you could not do. [This year I scaled a waterfall in the rain forest and zip lined down! A great adventure that I am glad I stepped outside my box to do!]
  • This is your life! How do you want your story to unfold?  Will it be an interesting novel to re-tell?

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them”. – Henry Matisse

Here’s to a positive week for you and me. 🙂


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