Gluten Free + Low FODMAP Blueberry Cake

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Hello Friends! Since many of you have requested that I share some of my Instagram recipes here on my blog, I decided today I would share this amazing gluten free and low FODMAP blueberry cake. I shared this on my Instagram feed in late July.

This recipe is rich with buttercream frosting and exceptionally tasty.

One of my favorite summertime activities is picking fresh berries. This summer I enjoyed a little strawberry AND blueberry picking. Double win.

Here I am at one of my favorite local farms, Tangerini’s Farm in Millis, MA.

It’s hard to believe September is right around the corner. The weather is getting cooler during the nights now (which makes me a little sad, I so love summer!) Are you ready for Fall?

Since I am out of school, finally, this Fall seems a little different. Fortunately or unfortunately, I can’t sit still, so I have a pretty full schedule ahead.  My work days include a lot of writing, prepping for presentations and speaking events. I have 3 trips (mostly work, some pleasure) planned in September and 3 trips in October. I will share my travels with you via Instagram–if you are interested, follow me here. 

So…if you are looking for a delicious low FODMAP (and gluten free) cake to make for a special occasion, I hope you give this recipe a whirl. It is definitely one of my favorites!

14 replies on “Gluten Free + Low FODMAP Blueberry Cake

  • Cathy

    Why does my cake fall when I take it out of the oven. Tastes great but is not done on the bottom, even after baking 15 min longer. The second time I tried turning off the oven when I thought it was done and just leaving it to cool with the oven door open. Still fell! Should I try a lower temp and longer time? The second time I had a pizza stone on the rack below and my husband thought perhaps that absorbed the heat. Really want to try again as it was so good but did not feel I could serve it to anyone else but us!

    • katescarlata

      Check your oven temperature to be sure it is getting up to 350 F. I have received many great pictures from followers of their cake–so not quite sure. Are you using a gluten free blend with xanthan gum?

    • katescarlata

      Butter only has a trace of lactose making it suitable for the low FODMAP diet. Ghee–a form of clarified butter, would have even less lactose as the milk solids are removed. Ghee is available at Whole Foods.

  • Brad Ermeling

    Hi Kate. This was fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Quick question…I was recently following another one of your recipes (carrot ginger soup at When you say 8 cups chopped carrots cut in thirds…I’m not sure what you mean by thirds. Can you tell me about how many grams this would be or describe what you mean by thirds. I just peeled large carrots and cut each into three pieces but I don’t think that was enough carrots.

    • katescarlata

      I simply cut the carrots into 3 pieces each. I would estimate about 2 medium size carrots per cup (so about 16 carrots for this soup)– give or take depending on their actual size. I updated the recipe too–to help others who might have the same question. Thanks for asking! I find there is a little wiggle room here in the recipe. How many carrots did you use?

  • j. montgomery

    Have you stopped sending weekly posts? The blueberry cake and the group of recipes with lobster are the last I have received. I really appreciate your recipes. I am presently looking for an old one: stuffed peppers. this is mot the |Mediterranean-style Stuffed Peppers but another simple one you posted many years ago. Thank you.

  • Pat Piscioneri

    I have had IBS for over 40 yrs. but not severe only maybe 3 bad episodes a year but now in the last 1 1/2 yrs it has been bad. So many different people with different foods not too eat. My Dr. said low fodmap but you use a lot of butter which I love.I have given up drinking milk which is the only liquid I like. Never seemed to bother me.Some people say bread others no,different veggies are on it and now I am deathly afraid to eat anything so of course I am losing weight.Help I have tried yourrecipes and love the ALmond tart. Thanks for your help.

    • katescarlata

      I suggest you work with a dietitian that can guide you! If your experiencing such fear–that certainly alone can amp up your GI distress. Discuss with your doctor so you can get the proper help you need.

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