Grilled Cantaloupe & Prosciutto

Today I thought I would share an easy appetizer recipe with you…Grilled Cantaloupe and Prosciutto! Grilled melon

Simply wrap cantaloupe with thinly sliced prosciutto and secure with water-soaked toothpick.proscuitto and melon

Place on grill until lightly browned–turning to ensure evenly browned sides.

I would suggest subbing in pineapple chunks for the cantaloupe as another tasty combo.  A little drizzle of balsamic vinegar might add a nice touch too!  Get creative! 🙂

Remember:  Soak toothpicks in water to reduce the burned wood effect.  (I could have done that for a bit longer than 5 minutes–maybe 30 minutes prior to using!)

No recipe for this one. Just make as much as you want!  Of course, FODMAPers don’t go overboard with the portion! (1/2 -3/4 cup max..with the cantaloupe).

I hope your week is going well!  Hip Hip Hooray for the upcoming long weekend in the US!



10 replies on “Grilled Cantaloupe & Prosciutto

  • Arlene

    I have been reading through pages of your blog and they have been very helpful. Perhaps, you can answer one more question. Is a gluten free diet a FODMAP diet? If not, what differentiates the two.
    I have had IBS-D for about 25 years now and have been to many, many doctors and have had many tests also done. My most recent doctor did a colonoscopy last week and said I will need to have a resection of the sigmoid. I was told to go on a high fiber diet and was given suggestions of what to do. Two days ago I had a lactulose breath test and was positive for over production of bacteria and was put on medication on and off for 3 months. I also may have a kidney stone. I wish I were able to make an appointment with you, but Boston is a bit far for me. I live in Florida’s Panhandle.
    I think FODMAP would be good for me and maybe even a gluten free diet. I cannot find the difference between these diets. Please help!

    • katescarlata

      Arlene, the low FODMAP diet is not a gluten free diet but it is modified in gluten. Wheat, Barely and Rye are the primary sources of gluten (a protein) and also are sources of fructans-carbohydrates (FODMAPs)–so there is an overlap. But on the low FODMAP diet–traces of gluten and wheat are allowable while on a gluten free diet–the diet would eliminate all sources of wheat, barley and rye.

      • Arlene

        If I understand you correctly, I can follow a gluten free diet except for the worry of traces of wheat, barley and rye. Doing that would be the FODMAP diet?


    Unfortunately all varieties of melon bother me. I miss them. I will though try your suggestion of subbing in pineapple and balsamic vinegar. Looking forward to trying prosciutto. Would love the cookbook.

  • Dominick Esposito

    I just stumbled across your website and have signed up for the blog. Thank you! My only question if that many of your recipes seem to have lactose in them and I am lactose intolerant(at least I think I am for 30 years). So your diet is for someone that is on a Fodmap diet that is not lactose intolerant?

    I am so sorry that this sounds confused but this fodmap situation is brand new to me (doctor just informed me about it a week ago) and I am so confused.

    Any advice would be helpful.

    • katescarlata

      Dominick, what foods are your referring to? Lactose is not the same as dairy. So you can eat most cheeses, lactose free yogurt, small amounts of Greek yogurt etc… on the low FODMAP diet.

  • Marcia Heath

    Concerning the availability of a probiotic that has no prebiotics in it: My doctor (Dr. Dawn from the radio program AskDr.Dawn on KUSP) was determined to find such a product when she learned from me (via your blog) that the probiotics she had prescribed were high in FODMAP due to their prebiotic content. Finding one that is not is quite the challenge. She researched and found that the following product is prebiotic free. It is Thera-Biotic Factor-6 from Prothera. Their website is It is very potent and very expensive, and requires a practitioner’s access code when ordering.

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