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Happy Monday!

Well….here’s to a good week ahead.  I am heading to San Diego to educate more dietitians on the science and application of the low FODMAP diet this week.  Not a bad gig!  San Diego is a fun city and the weather forecast looks stellar–70-80’s! Yahoo!

Then, I will fly up to Portland, Oregon for the SIBO conference….lots to learn and I am ready to put on my thinking cap.  Will be posting all the facts and figures I learn about small intestinal bacterial overgrowth for those interested.

But…let’s change the subject to something a little tastier…

Before I head out to the West Coast, I wanted to share a super yummy recipe with you.  I made a batch of orzo with lemon, oregano, garlic infused oil, kalamata olives and feta cheese.  Super tasty!  What I loved about this recipe is it light but filling and you can feast on it for days. Orzo

I used a few different fresh herbs in this recipe….and I really encourage you to do the same.  Fresh herbs truly make food taste SOOOOOO much better….and look more enticing to the eye too!  Here’s my beautiful fresh oregano.  You have to admit…it is gorgeous, right?oregano

We enjoyed this orzo with a wonderful yogurt-lemon marinated chicken dish….which I will post soon for you.

8 replies on “Greek Orzo

  • Alorie Parkhill

    The process of getting a breath test for small bacteria overgrowth is much more arduous than I thought. You can eat essentially nothing for a day and a half, plus it takes three hours. My gastro said the treatment was taking antibiotics which usually wore off and then you needed a stronger dose until it stopped working. I don’t like taking antibiotics anyway, and this is most discouraging. Is it worth it? The FODMAP diet is working reasonably well for me (I sometimes have problems when I eat out, but I am managing, even gaining back some weight). I have had “IBS” forever. and it got much worse after a recent serious fall in which my pelvic cavity was filled with blood and left me with a hematoma for months, blocking digestion I need some expert advice on whether to go ahead with a procedure that means I can’t eat for quite a while.

    • Marcy

      I went on antibiotics for SIBO and didn’t have any problems with side effects. (mild nausea/no D…)I followed a Lowfodmap diet with SCD during the treatment. I’m now following Lowfodmap diet and Cedar Sinai diet and on a low dose erythromycin to keep the MMC cleansing waves working. All to help prevent the SIBO from returning. I’m looking forward to what Kate can tell us from the SIBO convention this weekend! Hope you feel better soon. It will always be an ongoing battle with IBS. I have hope with the Lowfodmap diet…

      • Alorie Parkhill

        Thanks, Marci. I appreciate your response. I have had IBS for years, though no one has ever found a solid solution. I have been doing FODMAP for a year, but while it work sometimes, I go right back to old symptoms at times. I am never sure why.

        When you say low dose anti-biotics, what does that mean? I really worry about lowering resistance with too much. I agree that it will be good to hear from Kate about the general feeling out there.

        Thanks again!

  • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

    Low dose erythromycin 50 milligrams is often used in SIBO patients once per day at night to help the small intestinal cleansing waves. It’s not the dosing that is used for its antibiotic properties but rather its ability to help the intestine initiate a cleansing wave.

    More to come on SIBO after this weekend.

  • Roberta Denoyer

    Hi Kate,

    I am a dietitian and follow the FODMAP diet myself. Do you ever give seminars in Michigan? Always looking for new insight and updates. Looks like a great site with usable info. Word of managing symptoms this way is getting out there!

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