Dr. Oz says “F” is for…FODMAPs


To say I am on a mission to get the word out about the low FODMAP diet for those experiencing digestive discord:  gas, bloating, and simply miserable belly busting misery….would be an understatement.

Years ago, when I was combing through the research and stumbled upon the term FODMAPs, I had an “Ah-ha” moment.   The science of how a low FODMAP could minimize gas, bloating and tummy trouble just made sense.  And for someone troubled with post-intestinal surgery belly misery…I was anxious to find some answers…not only for me…but the many clients that sought my advice.  So, today, for me…is a big victory.  Although I will continue to educate and spread the word about the low FODMAP diet, I feel so very happy that FODMAPs hits the big time!fodmap

Reader’s Digest provided me with an opportunity to blend a weight loss plan with a scientific approach to minimize IBS symptoms, reflux, and general tummy trouble in one, 21 day menu plan.  And Dr. Oz took notice! Yay!

So….FODMAPs took center stage today on the Dr. Oz show today, with author, Liz Vaccariello…and for that, we all deserve a little celebration!  Woot! Woot!trifecta

If you would like to join in for a facebook chat about 21 Day Tummy with Liz Vaccariello and I–we’ll be live on a Reader’s Digest Facebook page tonight at 7 PM EST.  {Sorry for short notice!} We’ll be talking up all of the “Belly Buddies” found in the 21-Day Tummy diet plan–turmeric, ginger, monounsaturated flats, anti-inflammation buster magnesium and so much more.  Come join the fun and bring your questions!


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  • Meg

    I’m so grateful for all the hard work you do to get the word out! My overall health is so much better since following this way of eating. I can’t wait to watch Dr Oz’s show.

  • Kerry @ The Adventures of Z & K

    Thanks for being such a great resource on IBS/low FODMAP lifestyle! When dealing with GI issues I often times feel like an outcast– like I’m the only person in the world having to go through it. It’s comforting to know there are others out there who can relate and people like you who are educating others about the condition and treatments.

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Kerry, I hear you….that is why I am so happy to have the word “FODMAPs” broadcasted over national TV. I want to scream it from the rooftops! 🙂 …So that people that are following the diet don’t feel alone or have such a tough time trying to explain what kind of diet they are following!

  • Janet

    Sorry I missed the show, it is hard to judge the success of the show based on FB feedback, bit I will tell you a low FODMAP diet has done wonders for me!

  • Mary

    It is so exciting to see the low FODMAP diet on Dr Oz! This diet has been a lifesaver for me. Thank you for your blog and the yummy recipes that you share.

    Also, a question for you if I may….have you had clients with IBS-D who became constipated on the FODMAPS diet? I follow the diet to the letter….no cheating! I have added fiber in the form of berries and veggies with some help. Anyway, IBS-C has never been an issue for me so any tips much appreciated!!

    Thank you so much !!

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Mary, you might want to up your fiber with chia seeds–1 tablespoon has 5 grams and is a great low FODMAP fiber source. YOu can add to lactose free yogurt, sprinkle over berries, add to oatmeal—make a chia pudding with coconut milk, they are my favorite low FODMAP fiber boost. Oat bran and rice bran are additional low FODMAP fiber sources that can be incorporated into the diet.

      • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

        And yes, Mary, the low FODMAP diet can contribute to constipation in some people–if you are not careful w/ your fiber intake. FODMAPs have 2 primary effects–they cause gas when bacteria ferment them and they draw water into the intestine. Pulling back on FODMAPs will reduce the water coming into the intestine and this may contribute to the constipation. Additionally, fiber intake seems to take a hit on the low FODMAP diet–maybe b/c we rely way too much on wheat normally for our fiber?!

    • Mary

      Thank you for your advice. I just made your recipe for Berry Chia Jam. It looks delicious! I’m going to try a small amount on toast with PB.

      I would like to try oat bran too. In fact, I have your new book the 21 Day Tummy ( so far I have tried the berry smoothie and the turkey meatloaf…both were delicious). Are the recipes all FODMAPs friendly? The Cheesy Egg Quesadilla looks yummy. I just want to check on the amount of oat bran in the recipe. Is this amount considered low FODMAP?

      Thank you again,

      • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

        Hi Mary, Yes, all the recipes have been modified in FODMAPs–and are FODMAP friendly–the smoothie recipe includes Greek yogurt but lactose free yogurt can be substituted for those with very low tolerance to lactose. Greek yogurt has far less lactose than conventional yogurt though-and is tolerated by many on the low FODMAP diet.

  • Half-Crazed Runner

    FODMAPs should be personalized. Not everything on the list is a trigger for all with IBS. And sometimes it’s how much or how many days in a row that can affect someone with food sensitivities. Overall, I’m a big fan of Dr Sheridan’s work. Knowing the FODMAPs has really make a difference for me.

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Agreed! the 21 Day Tummy is geared toward the reader that has common GI issues and weight to lose–not SEVERE symptoms–it is very careful to let the reader know that FODMAPs are innately healthy foods –the low FODMAP diet is a learning diet that helps eliminate common GI triggers but also walks the reader through testing which foods might be bothering them. As with any health condition–it’s imperative to work with a health care provider to guide you and ensure that you are being monitored for a more serious condition! No book is a substitute for good health care!

  • Melissa

    Hi Kate,
    Thank you so much for all your information on your blog, I have suffered with GI issues for over 10 years, recently diagnosed as IBS and started on FODMAP last week. I’m still so confused and learning about this diet. Can you clarify whether FODMAP is dairy free or just lactose free? I’m so overwhelmed by all the changes, but grateful to have stumbled upon your blog! Thanks, Melissa

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Hi Melissa, Glad you stopped by my blog! The low FODMAP diet is a low lactose diet–not dairy free. Cheeses such as brie, camembert, feta, cheddar, parmesan, Swiss are all low enough in lactose to be included. Lactose free cow’s milk and lactose free yogurt are okay too. Take your time learning about the diet. There are many conflicting low FODMAP diet lists online (some have old data) the diet is evolving and food testing for FODMAP content takes time–so the low FODMAP diet will continue to morph and change as we learn more about food composition. That being said, I have had excellent results education my clients with the info I have here! Just remember to stick with sites with up to date info. IBSfree.net is another up to date site for you to learn more!

  • Angela Brown

    Can you please tell me why I cannot tolerate white sugar as I come out in an itchy rash under my arms. Many thanks.

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Not sure Angela….but it makes me wonder if perhaps you have fungal(yeast) overgrowth. Would discuss with your gastroenterologist. Perhaps they can do a yeast culture of your stool. Yeast love sugar and perhaps you have developed an imbalance of them in your intestines and it’s impacting you systemically.

  • Katherine

    Hi kate! I just bought the book and am so excited about the recipes! My low fodmap meals were in need of a lift.

    I don’t tolerate dairy of any kind, and was wondering if you had any recommendations for substitutes for Greek yogurt in the smoothies or in other recipes. I know that the coconut milk yogurt in stores has chicory root.


    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Yay Katherine…the recipes are super yummy!! That is a very good question. Maybe one of the blog followers can share an idea! I have had clients make their own coconut yogurt…but I have not tried this myself. Let me think on that one….I am in Portland Oregon with some top FODMAP colleagues so will get some ideas! Stay tuned!

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