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Well…hello everyone.  I hope you all had a great weekend and are geared up for a happy week ahead.

I have been busy.

I hosted a FODMAP dietitian workshop with my colleague, Patsy Catsos in San Diego last Thursday.  I love teaching dietitians about the low FODMAP diet and this San Diego group was a lot of fun.  The sunny weather in the 80s felt amazing!  After a brief visit in San Diego, I headed to Portland, Oregon to a conference on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).  This is a condition that overlaps significantly with IBS and one that I am very fascinated about… Did I mention that I LOVE to learn?….especially anything in the digestive health arena.  I will be posting about the SIBO conference later this week.  

But today while I am on the road, I wanted to share with you a recipe I prepared for my boys recently….and one they really seemed to enjoy.  It’s low FODMAPs –and family friendly.

I found an enticing recipe for a lemon-y yogurt marinated chicken recipe and thought I would modify it for those following a low FODMAP diet. I find so many recipe inspirations on Pinterest.   Do you do Pinterest?   I know I have mentioned it before but I do have a few FODMAP pinterest boards that you may find interesting or perhaps helpful on your low FODMAP diet.  You don’t have to join Pinterest to check them out….Click here to check out my low FODMAP diet boards.

Here is a pic of my yummy Mediterranean chicken dish!  MMMM… We enjoyed this tasty chicken with  Greek Orzo and it was a bit hit!Greek chicken

Here is the Greek Orzo….in case you missed it….so very good.Orzo

Here’s to a week full of adventure, learning, happiness and peace in your heart.  Good bye from San Francisco….I am on a lay over on my way back to Bean town.

5 replies on “Mediterranean Chicken

  • Katherine

    One thing I would love to know from the conference is if there was any discussion around the use of probiotics and/or fermented foods in SIBO patients. I’ve heard Dr Siebecker mention one thing, and Dr Pimentel something totally different.


  • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

    There was a difference in opinion–Dr. Pimentel does not use probiotics but many of the naturopaths do.

  • Karyn

    Kate, I love ALL your recipes, and as I was dx with SIBO a yr ago, I try to follow the FODMAP eating plan. That being said, I recently started the “fast metabolism diet”, but I am sorry to say, it looks like most of her foods are on the NO NO list for FODMAP. I have lost 7.2 lbs in 10 days, but probably because I’ve been avoiding the usual bad guys(sugar/gluten/corn/soy/juices/alcohol,etc.
    I’ve been cutting back on those FODMAP offenders, but do you think its’ possible to do both of these at the same time? I’m modifying when I can, but don’t know if that is enough. Thanks! karyn
    PS. yeah,I feel great, and live in the kitchen now! LOL

    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Karyn, I am not familiar with the fast metabolism diet. Not sure I would go too crazy with the high fodmap foods with a history of SIBO or at a minimum I would monitor for exacerbation of symptoms and peel back on the fodmaps if they seem to lead to consistent symptoms. Rapid weight loss initially on a diet is often water loss–but certainly the key to any weight management diet is one with balanced nutrition for good health. It’s not ideal or healthy to lose rapid amounts of weight week after week. My latest book 21 Day Tummy includes a low FODMAP meal plan for weight loss that I created with Reader’s Digest that is calorie controlled but nutritious.

      • Karyn

        Thanks! I am modifying as I go, and rotating any offenders so no build up in my system. So far so good, but its’ very tough. I will ck out your book! Sounds more gut friendly and will help I hope with wt loss too!

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