Sweet and Nutty Quinoa Parfait

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One of my clients told me she used quinoa in place of granola in her yogurt parfaits.  I LOVE this idea! So I whipped up a recipe to share with you!

Check out this yumminess. Berry & Quinoa Parfait

Russ and I love to add quinoa to our hot breakfast cereals.  We toss in steel cut oats and oat bran. Add some chia seeds, strawberries and a few pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds).  Maybe a little bit of maple sugar too if I need a little extra hint of sweetness.   Have you tried quinoa for breakfast yet?  Or better yet, have you tried quinoa yet?

Although I do enjoy a nice quinoa salad, I love quinoa sweetened up too!

Today, I cooked up some red quinoa.  Added some shredded sweetened coconut, a few sliced almonds and a hefty dash of cinnamon.Sweeetened quinoa

What a delicious looking mix.Mixed quinoa

Then I layered this amazing quinoa mixture with some Greek yogurt (FODMAPer can substitute in lactose free yogurt as necessary) and some fresh berries.  I am a fan of Chobani but Green Valley lactose free yogurt is good too.yogurts

My crazy chocolate lab, Lucy and I enjoy Greek yogurt.  We usually share a container….and this morning she not only enjoyed some Greek yogurt but is proudly wearing some on her chin. 🙂

I do love to add a few raspberries to pretty much anything when I get a chance.  Our neighbor, Mr. Hubbard grew BEAUTIFUL raspberry bushes that creeped over onto our property. Fresh sweet raspberries fondly remind me of our sweet neighbor, his tasty berries and my childhood.raspberries

So delicious!

After our wonderful parfait, Lucy and I went on a nice run.  A perfect start to a beautiful sunny day!Quinoa Parfait blog.katescarlata.com

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