Cheesy Yogurt and Herb Chicken

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I am a chicken fan. {Just saying’}

I admire those that can eat a vegetarian diet but my body and taste buds do enjoy a bit of  meat.

Today I made a Cheesy Yogurt and Herb Chicken.  Serious yum. Very moist and very savory.  

I am not a steak or burger fan and can vividly remember picking out the beef out of my mom’s American Chop Suey as a child…I never liked a McDonald’s burger {thankfully} BUT chicken that’s a whole other story… I could eat it almost everyday.

I was inspired by a Pinterest recipe post…again!  The notes on Pinterest suggested to use Greek yogurt in this recipe but the original recipe used mayonnaise.  I chose to use Greek yogurt too.  Greek yogurt has more protein {2 1/2 times more} than traditional yogurt, a bit less calcium and less lactose. {FODMAP followers can opt to use an acceptable  lactose free plain yogurt depending on your personal tolerance). Between the chicken and the Greek yogurt this recipe is a protein lover’s dream.

This quick fix recipe {who doesn’t love that?} made with Greek yogurt, parmesan cheese and spices is a keeper.  We are all so busy…so LESS is more, right?

Like most recipes I try, I like to add my own personal twist.

I opted to brown my chicken a bit first as I like the flavor a bit of browning can add to meat. 

So…I sautéed a bit of garlic in olive oil over medium heat in a medium size skillet (FODMAP followers, remove garlic after you infuse the flavor) and then added 3 good size chicken cutlets to the pan.

Cook for about 5 minutes on each side just to brown, not thoroughly cook through–just browned.

While browning the chicken, mix up some Greek yogurt (or lactose free yogurt) with grated parmesan cheese.

Then add some fresh herbs…I chose some thyme and chives.

Place the browned chicken in a casserole dish (I used a pie plate) and top with the yogurt mixture.

Bake for about 35-40 minutes depending on thickness of your cutlets—could even be a bit less–until cooked through and juices run clear.

Let sit for a few minutes and then serve.  Perhaps top with a sprig of leftover thyme to make your chicken look fancy. 🙂  This chicken is SO moist and delicious.


I hope everyone in the US enjoyed a relaxing labor day weekend.  I sure did…complete with a massage on Saturday, a couple walks with Russ and Lucy, and a family cookout.

Here’s to a GREAT week.  Take good care of yourself.







5 replies on “Cheesy Yogurt and Herb Chicken

  • Liz

    This sounds incredible. Will try it this week! When our two sons were home for the summer, the three “boys” all enjoyed low-FODMAPS recipes from your site: Medit., quinoa, etc. I have a family of LFM healthy converts thanks to you! Had a question for you, Kate. I was walking past some cocoa powder-covered almonds in the food store this morning (yes, I had to walk away even faster)and it made me wonder…Could I make cinnamon-(very light) sugar dusted almonds for a treat? If so, what’s the best way to do this so the cinn.sugar binds to the nuts? I’m not looking for super sweet, of course 😉 Just something interesting…Thanks! The youngest,16, (last at home, sigh!) is in training for lacrosse and is growing like crazy. I’m always looking for healthy snacks (medit. chkn.or quinoa wraps w/ veggies, etc.) as he is ALWAYS eating due to weight-training and practices. Oh, to be able to take in that many calories and just grow taller, haha—I’m envious! 😉

    • katescarlata

      So glad Liz that you have enjoyed the recipes. I am currently trying to move my low FODMAP recipes onto one page with links to make the blog a bit user friendly. Lots of work–but it’s a work of love. 🙂
      I wonder if you did the almonds or other acceptable nuts in egg whites and then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake for about 15 minutes if that would work? I think I need to do a bit more research….I think you inspired another post 🙂


      • Liz

        Wow! They look delicious! Next time I have another craving, I’ll post it, 😉 That was awesome. I know all of us will love these as a snack, and the giftie idea is terrific, too.

        Everyone will appreciate your extra efforts on the site. I’m sure that’s got to be a bit tedious. I was just searching for one of your recipes yesterday…Well, on the bright side, becoming user-friendly only comes along with having lots of enthusiastic users! That’s great and much-deserved for all your time and thoughtfulness. Have a great day!

  • Lar

    i am so soo new to this.. but i thought that lactose was on the no no-list? What about parmesan and yoghurt?

    • katescarlata

      Lar, the low FODMAP diet is not a dairy free diet but rather one that is low in milk sugar, lactose–most hard cheese and even some soft cheeses like brie, feta and mozzarella are low enough in lactose to be included on the low FODMAP diet. Parmesan is okay. Yogurt should be lactose free during the elimination phase.

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