It’s all about the packaging.

I am not gonna lie here, I am so all about cute packaging.  I love cute cards, wrapping paper and trimmings and as a foodie, I have to admit, I love when my food is displayed beautifully or packaged up with care.

So…I was drawn to this cute little popcorn box. Such simple graphics that say, ‘buy me’ I am healthy and good for you.

I do love popcorn.   Popcorn + movie =bliss.

Popcorn is a nutritious high fiber, low calorie snack.  And this popcorn, just kicks it up a notch.

Quinn’s popcorn comes in other yummy flavors (like Parmesan Rosemary and Lemon and Sea Salt) BUT with my little sweet tooth, this Vermont Maple and Sea Salt caught my eye. Or should I more accurately say, grey sea salt harvested in Brittany and pure Vermont maple sugar…sounds pretty special, right?  Well, hey, we all deserve a little special treat.

Even the inside packaging is cute.

It walks you through the steps in case, perhaps you don’t know how to flavor your little popped goodies.

Well, low FODMAP diet followers can delight in this maple sugar infused treat and so can ordinary folks too.

Check out Quinn’s popcorn–a local to me Massachusetts based company! And by the way, no genetically engineered popcorn is used, no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives–all natural good ingredients.


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