Banana, Carrot + Zucchini Oat Cups (Vegan, Dairy free, + Low FODMAP)

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Hello and here’s to a great new week ahead!

I thought I would share a fun new low FODMAP vegan recipe I have been experimenting and enjoying in my kitchen this last week. I had a friend visit that follows a vegan diet–and I wanted to create a healthy little oat based muffin for her.

I have tried this recipe with different fruits (mashed banana or grated apple) along with some veggies-grated carrots and zucchini- to boost plant variety and fiber.

Note: two tablespoons of grated apple is a low FODMAP portion–so this is a great recipe to add some grated apple to enjoy this fall favorite fruit. Just sub in 1/2 cup grated apple for the banana in the recipe below –and stick with 1 large muffin or 2 small as the low FODMAP serving size.

We love these little tasty nourishing oat cups!

I can’t say these are the most photogenic of my recipes (Ha!)…but they taste amazing!!

And here is the recipe!

15 replies on “Banana, Carrot + Zucchini Oat Cups (Vegan, Dairy free, + Low FODMAP)

  • Laury Hunt

    Sounds yummy. Always looking for something to grab when I’m in a hurry and not have to eat just cereal. Also, since I buy some of my ingredients in bulk (various types of oats, special flours), glad to be able to use them regularly. Also happy to find places I can use a little of things I miss, i.e. apples 🙂

      • Melanie Blank

        I find that I can tolerate 1/2 apple if peeled. I wonder if a lot of the FODMAPS are in the peels. I did the FODMAP diet a few years ago, but I find that I need to follow some of it long-term. Unfortunately, I did part of the testing but didn’t finish it. (Long story…) I also find that my reactions to different FODMAPS are not consistent. Thanks for this nice recipe. I like to cook but I don’t like to bake. I gave up baking years ago, but this is easy. :))

  • Kim Gregory

    I can’t eat almonds (they give me migraines) so can I replace the almond milk with coconut milk? Can I also use a 1/2 C of applesauce in place of the zucchini?

    • katescarlata

      Yes, you can sub any milk option that your prefer and tolerate. and yes, you can sub the applesauce for the zucchini–just stick w/ portion amounts recommended if you are on a Low FODMAP diet. The applesauce will be “wetter” than the zucchini–so maybe add an extra 2 TB of oats.

  • Paul-E Geddes

    Can I substitute Gluten Free Flour for some of the oats and oat flour. I can only tolerate a small amount of oats.
    Thank you

  • Laura

    The sunflower seeds are listed in the ingredients, but I don’t see instructions for when to add them. Do they get mixed in with everything else, or sprinkled on top? Looking forward to trying these!

      • Laura

        Thanks! I like them, but think if I made them again I’d add a little salt (which I think is in most muffin recipes), since I think the flavors might be more to my taste with that small modification. 🙂

  • Julie

    These were good. I don’t like almond milk & it sometimes upsets my tummy so I used Lactose-free 2% milk. I also am not a big fan of pumpkin seeds so I substituted hemp seeds. Otherwise, I followed the recipe. These are quite tasty and w/ some homemade lactose-free yogurt will make a good breakfast all week. I always look forward to you recipes, and will share this w/ a vegan friend who sometimes watches FODMAPS.

  • MaryBeth Newman

    I try to stay away from butter. Is there anyway I can use coconut oil instead to replace the butter?

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