Mediterranean Salad with Marinated “Feta- style” Tofu

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Well, hello again, friends!

It’s been some time since I have been blogging. I thought it was about time I shared a summertime salad recipe with you!

I don’t know about you, but during this pandemic, I have needed to prioritize my time in different ways. Living in these uncertain times has required me to be more mindful of including relaxing moments into my every day life. This has included many more nature walks (almost every day), lazy mornings sipping my coffee while listening to the birds, all while trying to stay afloat with my work commitments. I hope that you are finding some time to catch your breath during these challenging times.

I headed up to Maine in late May to my little cottage by the beach. I do feel quite fortunate that I have a change in scenery and get to enjoy beach walks, regularly.  Last week, Russ and I headed to Moosehead Lake to explore a new Maine location, while we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and my b-day. It was such a well-needed break! And Moosehead lake area is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! And, yes, we saw a moose!

And now, for a plant-based recipe for the summertime! I was inspired by my neighbor Julie to try to make a marinated tofu dish that tastes like feta cheese to top on my salad. I do love feta cheese (it’s low FODMAP), but I realize some of you follow a vegan diet or can’t tolerate dairy. This marinated tofu is so delicious–with a nice lemon-y miso flavor—you’ve got to try it!

I used firm tofu and miso–both low FODMAP soy-based foods in this recipe. Some soy foods such as silken tofu and most US soy milks are high in FODMAPs. Processing, fermentation, water-content and maturity of soy play a role in how much FODMAPs remain in the final product.

Here’s the recipe!

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