Prosciutto Carbonara with Kale (gluten free + low FODMAP)

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Hello Friends.

It’s been a little while. I think this pandemic has kicked us all in the butt a bit. I find myself a bit less social (maybe social distancing has something to do with that!) and a little more introspective lately.  I am giving my self a bit more grace. I hope you do the same.  I have been fortunate to be on “lockdown” in Maine. Beach walks are very calming to my soul.  But, truthfully, Maine offers so much more–beautiful people, great food (lobster rolls I am looking at you) and fresh air. Come visit when we are on the other side of this.For now, Russ and I (and Lucy, our chocolate lab) have been trying to make sense of this difficult time–leaning into whatever seems right for us. And yes, sometimes that is ice cream for dinner.  Russ’ favorite comfort food is pasta. And, as a loving wife, I sometimes make it for him! Ha!  I am not a huge tomato sauce and pasta person–so this Prosciutto Carbonara Pasta Dish with Kale really hit the spot for me.

If you are following a vegetarian diet–feel free to delete the prosciutto. You can up the kale a bit, add some canned chickpeas. I am all about making a recipe your own.

I used this gluten free pasta for this recipe.

The final product wasn’t a perfect carbonara–but hey, I am not a chef.  But, it IS delicious…and definitely work a try!

Here’s the recipe!