Lactose Free and Low FODMAP Ice Cream? Yes, please.

Hello Friends,

As you know by now, I am all about eating a nourishing well-balanced diet which, of course, allows for an occasional sweet treat too!

You may also know that I have strong roots in Boston, Massachusetts. I was born in Boston, attended college in Boston, and even spent my dietetic internship in Boston at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. So, it might not surprise you that I am very excited to introduce to you two Boston-based woman entrepreneurs!

Katy Flannery (lactose intolerant) and Gwen Burlingame (not lactose intolerant) wanted a real ice cream that they could enjoy together with no compromises. Their mission is to BECKON everyone back to real ice cream and spread the joy it brings to more people!

This is a sponsored post by Beckon Ice cream but the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

Other ice cream alternatives just weren’t cutting it on taste and simple ingredients, so they created a premium ice cream made with back to basic ingredients and no lactose!

Say hello to Beckon’s 7 flavor lactose free line up!

Their packaging is so awesome!

How does Beckon ice cream fit for those following a low FODMAP diet? For starters, all of Beckon ice cream flavors are lactose free! The Sea Salt and Chocolate Chip, Mint Chip, Vanilla, Chocolate and espresso are made with low FODMAP ingredients and appear suitable for those following a low FODMAP elimination diet per serving.

The latest flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies and Sweet Cream do contain small amounts of wheat. And although they may not be a fit for the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet, I personally tolerated both of these lactose free ice cream flavors. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was amazing; one of the best versions I have ever tried.  YUM!

Beckon’s ice cream is available in Whole Foods Market nationwide, Sprouts (with a new quart size!) and other select retailers around the country, as well as on!

And while shopping is a bit more challenging in the stores these days, you can have Beckon ice cream shipped directly to your house! Want a 10% online discount? Shop on and simply use: KATE10 for online orders!

14 replies on “Lactose Free and Low FODMAP Ice Cream? Yes, please.

  • Deb

    Kate, I am such a fan of Beckon! I tried it when on vacation out East, not long after they introduced it. It is excellent ice cream, the real deal. It is far superior to any lactose-free dairy ice cream I’ve tasted. I can’t tell the difference from regular ice cream. I cannot tolerate more than tiny amounts of almond milk and coconut milk, and no soy, so I’ve been very limited in my choice of frozen “desserts,” most of which are very disappointing. Since I live in Michigan, with no Beckon source near me, I order my ice cream online from Beckon. Even in warm weather, I’ve had great success with their dry ice packaging, receiving my ice cream frozen solid. I’ve spoken with Gwen, and I’m so happy to support this wonderful company!! My favorite flavors are mint chocolate chip and sea salt chocolate chip.

  • Julie

    The Beckon ice cream looks amazing, but it is way too high in fat for me! Any recommendations for a low-fat, low-FODMAP ice cream or frozen yogurt? I can’t tolerate anything too high-in fat. I have a Kitchenaid attachment that makes ice cream so recipes are good too. Thanks.

  • mary

    I was excited until I saw all the chocolate flavors! I’m not a fan of chocolate or coffee so that puts me right back to boring vanilla which is available everywhere. 🙁

  • Irene Clark

    I am also looking for a healthier (low fat) FODMAPS-friendly ice cream alternative. How about low fat lactose-free frozen yogurt? It is very disappointing that the fad for lactose-free frozen desserts made from soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc are high fat and/or contain FODMAPS. Sometimes I cross my fingers and treat myself to a little frozen yogurt with a Lactaid pill, but I’d really like to have something “safer.”

  • Laury Hunt

    How exciting. Do wish it was a little lower in fat, but then I’m usually satisfied with a small serving (unlike my husband). Looking forward to indulging :O)

  • Kristine Angelo

    This is great new for those that are lactose intolerant, however I am ok with lactose but sensitive to casein. I buy the new A2 milk which is casein free and it is great. Hoping for A2 ice cream one day!

    • katescarlata

      A2 milk is NOT casein free–but rather is A1 beta-casein free. Just want to be sure others reading this post understand the difference. Goat and sheep milk are also A1 beta-casein free–but still contain A2 beta-casein.

  • Sharon

    Unfortunately this has milk. Many of us with SIBO/IBS cannot tolerate milk, even when it is lactose free. Hopefully Beckon will consider a dairy free alternative.

    • katescarlata

      Lactose free dairy products actually are tolerated for many people with IBS. “So delicious” brand has a coconut milk non-dairy dessert that may work when dairy intolerance is present. It is important to differentiate dairy intolerance from lactose intolerance. May ppl have lactose intolerance but can still enjoy lactose free dairy such as Beckon ice cream.

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