Dark Chocolate Congo Bars (gluten free + low FODMAP)

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Well…today, we have over a foot of snow out in my yard. I am not going anywhere until the streets clear up a little.  I am so fortunate to be able to work virtually.  The snow is really quite pretty when you don’t have to fight the chill and slush.  As we head into the holiday season, I thought I would post a few of my sweet treat recipes that I have shared on my Instagram account–but not here on the blog. Want to follow me on Instagram? I provide a variety of different recipes and topics on my Instagram account. To follow me, click here!

Today’s recipe is… Dark Chocolate Congo Bars.

The flour is this recipe is mostly oat flour–so I might argue that this dessert offers some good nutrition via prebiotics, healthy food for our beneficial gut microbes. I added dark chocolate too–which offers some healthy gut microbiome benefits too (read more here). 

Have you heard of Congo bars? It’s like a blondie with chocolate chips. We always called them Congo bars growing up. I don’t recall my mother making these–but with the last 3 children in my family being girls–of the nine kids!!–there was always something sweet being made up in our kitchen, including these Congo bars. So good. So good.

Here’s the recipe…let me know what you think!

17 replies on “Dark Chocolate Congo Bars (gluten free + low FODMAP)

  • kari

    Our family loves these! We always have the ingredients on hand for a quick treat that even our non-lowfodmappers love! They are especially good right out of the oven with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla bean ice cream! We often scramble to find the recipe on instagram so I’m glad to now have an easy way to find it on your blog and I pinned it to pinterest as well! Thanks again for another Kate Scarlata family favorite!

  • Carol

    These sound really good and I’m sure my grandkids would love them. I’m following a gluten-free diet. In our small community, I’m not sure I could find gluten free oat flour but do use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free 1 to 1. Has anyone tried this recipe using only that?

  • C. G.

    Just in time for our office Holiday Cookie Exchange! It is great to be able to make and provide a gluten free option that doea not involve cereal.

  • C.G.

    Just in time for our office Holiday Cookie Exchange. It is great to be able to make and contribute a gluten free option that does not involve cereal!

  • Betsy

    saw this in my email today and decided they would be a great thing to make after snow shoeing on this snow day! Delicious! Just what I needed!

  • Karen

    We are in Canada. They sound delicious. Can you please recommend a type or brand of chocolate morsels? I am often confused about the types. I have read that it is best to use 65-75% dark chocolate instead of the higher percentages. Do you know why that might be the case?

  • Leslie

    These look delicious! Do you have a substitute suggestion for the butter for those needing to be dairy free?

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