Low FODMAP ‘Oreos’

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I have to admit, I really don’t even like Oreos. Well, to clarify,  I have never been a fan of the shortening-style filling. I do LOVE the deep chocolate oreo cookie on its own though. How about you?

The filling for this ‘oreo’ cookie recipe is a delicious buttercream frosting. It is sooooo good! I have modified many recipes to lower the FODMAP content…and this is by far my favorite low FODMAP cookie recipe… to date!

These low FODMAP dark chocolate cookies are a perfect complement to their buttercream filling.

Warning: these are addictive. And, I mean, really addictive.

The cookies are easy to prepare, but the dough does require some time in the fridge to set…so plan accordingly.  I made the dough early in the evening, let set for an hour, then rolled the dough into logs ready for slicing the next morning.  I actually woke up early at 6 AM to start baking…I was too excited to see how they’d taste. I was not disappointed! 🙂

This recipe makes about 40-50 sandwich cookies; (yield may vary a little depending on the diameter of the rolled dough and how thick you slice the cookies.) I provided the measurements I used in the recipe below.

This low FODMAP recipe was inspired by the homemade ‘Oreos’ I enjoyed at Flour bakery in Boston. Here is the original recipe one of my neighbors at our Maine cottage found and shared with me that uses wheat flour. I modified this recipe to create a low FODMAP cookie for you.

If you prefer a thick or more generous frosting filling in your sandwich cookie,  you can double up on the frosting recipe to ensure you have plenty of the frosting filling to work with.  I like the cookies with and without the icing filling…so enjoyed some straight up sans icing.


12 replies on “Low FODMAP ‘Oreos’

  • Peg

    The cookies look wonderful! Only problem for me is I cannot tolerate chocolate (and I love it). How could I substitute with peanut butter or vanilla/lemon?

    • dkaj

      Peg, could you reduce the amount of cocoa and add more flour. The cookies wouldn’t be as dark, but I do this with a milk chocolate homemade cake recipe for my daughter as she doesn’t tolerate much cocoa either. I do about 1/4th the cocoa that my cake recipe calls for and then add that exact measurement amount back in by replacing it with flour. Just a thought…

  • Linda Port

    As I was walking through the supermarket a few weeks ago with my husband, we happened to cut through on the cookie aisle to get to the register. I said to my husband that I was approaching the point where I would do almost anything for one bite of an Oreo. The only thing I was not willing to do was trigger an attack, so of course I did not give in. Thank you for this recipe, Kate. It may save my sanity.

    • katescarlata

      They might be worth a try…I can’t vouch for the recipe adaption though–I haven’t tried it dairy free. Perhaps try coconut oil instead of the butter in the cookie recipe–and for the buttercream–maybe Earth balance or other dairy free spreads could be a possible substitution.

    • Susan Dziok

      Liz did you give it a try dairy free? I have Earth Balance sticks in my fridge and was planning to try this recipe with those and wondering if you tried it. Hate to waste all those ingredients if it doesn’t work!

  • Tory Klementsen

    I made these for a cookie exchange, and for our holiday and they were fantastic! Thank you for reliable, delicious, and fun recipes!

  • Lori Keller

    Do you think this could be made in a large cookie form (similar to a Cookie cake?) Trying to think of options for my daughter’s bday cake.

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