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Today’s post is a little on the philosophical side but it something I think we all think about from time to time. What’s our legacy? What’s our life’s purpose? For me the honest answer has always been very simple: I hope I can make life a little easier for someone else. Truth be told…life can be a struggle, right? Peaks and valleys. And some people simply have a harder time at it than others.

I knew I would work in a ‘helping’ field from an early age. Since I loved science, healthcare career options became my interest and educational path. I received my degree in nutrition, worked in outpatient nutrition counseling at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston treating a variety of conditions…until my life was stopped in its tracks when I was pregnant with my second child and required emergency surgery. Six feet of my small intestine removed due to scar tissue from a previous ovarian cyst removal… and my journey into digestive health began.

The low FODMAP diet came along and my career suddenly took off. Everyone in the field was passionate about helping patients with IBS with a nutritional approach…and my job became incredibly fulfilling, more meaningful, and rewarding. I was making life easier for others with my nutritional and digestive health counseling–and living my life’s purpose became an everyday experience.

I recently finished Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness.  I have read Brene’s work before…but wow…this book got me to the core. I actually broke down in tears reading a few passages…it was like someone was writing what was soul was feeling…when I was unable to find the words myself.

I thought today, I would share a couple passages that spoke to me. Perhaps, they may speak to you too. I keep these passages on my phone and read them regularly.  They keep me a bit grounded when I feel I need a little reminder that I am on the right track.

“…the reward is your work getting out to the world in an honest way–a way that’s true to the people who shared their lives and stories with you.”  Yes.  My patients are amazing and have rewarded me…they have shown me the true meaning of tenacity, strength and courage when life has thrown them a curveball.

“You will always belong anywhere you show up as yourself and talk about yourself in a real way.”  Double yes!! Own the person you are–embrace her or him.  Life becomes so much easier when you don’t feel you need to puff up your character to be liked or respected.  Surround yourself with people that love you –for simply being you!

On a much lighter note 🙂 … I am working on a low FODMAP ‘oreo’ cookie recipe that I will share later this week. A delicious treat when you have the hankering for dark chocolate and buttercream goodness. Stay tuned !



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