Low FODMAP & GF Blueberry Muffins

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Hello from Maine.

Yesterday afternoon, after I did a little editing on a project, I took a ride to Ogunquit. I purchased a smoothie made with strawberries, pineapple, coconut butter & coconut water (delicious!)  from the Loveshack Juicery  and took a little stroll on the Marginal Way. The view on the Marginal Way is simply amazing. I feel very lucky to have this beautiful vista in my life right now.

After my walk, I headed to the Well’s farmer’s market to get a few blueberries to try my hands at a gluten free and low FODMAP blueberry muffin recipe.  Muffins are like cake with fruit…best enjoyed as a treat!

I added a little almond extract to my recipe as I do love the almond flavor with blueberries. I also drizzled a little confectioner’s sugar glaze over the top for a little added decadence. If you are gonna eat cake…you might as well add a little frosting, right?:)

I made my muffins with King Arthur’s Measure for Measure GF flour. This was my first time using this blend and it worked very well for my muffin recipe. 

These muffins tasted ah-mazing warm out of the oven with the drizzled icing.  Some gluten free muffins taste kinda gritty –but these were smooth with a fine crumb.

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols. Polyphenols are poorly digested compounds, that act as prebiotics in our gut, stimulating the growth of beneficial microbes and inhibit the growth of potentially pathogenic microbes! The microbes transform the polyphenols in our gut making them more available to our body. See…food truly is medicine for our body (& microbes)! I am a big blueberry fan. And since they are in season…I encourage you to be a blueberry fan too!

Here is my gluten free and low FODMAP blueberry muffin recipe!

17 replies on “Low FODMAP & GF Blueberry Muffins

  • Regina

    These look great Kate. I always use King Arthur Measure for Measure flour,…it truly makes the best of everything! As you know you use this flour to convert traditional gluten recipes into gluten free recipes. It has never disappointed me. I was actually going to make blueberry muffins today. Maine is sooooo beautiful anytime of the year, especially the summer and fall. Have a great time and thanks for the recipe.

  • Lisa Ferrara

    These sound yummy! =) Thanks Kate. What a beautiful view and that smoothie sounds delicious! I’m jealous! LOL

  • Amanda

    Hi Kate! These look so good. Can I use vanilla instead of almond extract?
    Is zoup bone broth fodmap safe? My doctor has suggested I continue this diet for a total of three months so I’m trying to dig into some yummy fodmap recipes.
    Here is the ingredient information!

  • Maria

    We just went to Maine for the first time last month and now I understand why you love it there! (Plus the temperature was a welcome break from this Texas heat
    ) Now I want to go back!

  • Melissa

    Can I substitute almond and coconut flour (that’s what I have) for the King Arthur? Also, I’m not to have sugar, only maple syrup. Could this be used? If so, what would be the amount?

    • katescarlata

      Not sure on this Melissa. Substituting sugar with a liquid product(maple syrup) would change the recipe altogether–and you would need to up the dry ingredients. I would search online for an almond flour muffin recipe–just note the FODMAP limit is 1/4 cup.

  • Leslie

    Hi Kate, I have tried these muffins and the entire family loves them. I did use Betty Crocker all purposes GF rice flour blend. If worked well and I have since found the King Arthur brand of flour as well. I also froze some of the muffins and had set one out last night to eat this morning. I wondered if it would get soggy and it didn’t. Keep the yummy recipes coming!!!

  • Mary

    I have been having goats milk while on the low fodmap diet and am seeing improvements. I have been on it for 2 weeks and have much less bloating. BUT, I just read that goats milk is high fodmap. Is this correct? I saw goats cheese is a low fodmap so I guess I just assumed that goats milk was to. I cant do nuts without bloating so any nut milk is out. Any suggestions? I am allergic to casein in milk not the lactose. But I know the lactose is a high fodmap to. So lost on what milk to have without causing issues, thanks!

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