Rosemary and Sage Pork Burgers

Is it Friday, yet?  YES, it is! Happy Weekend, Friends! I hope you find time to do something fun and relaxing!  Catch up on your sleep, connect with loved ones, get some exercise and/or take in some nature. I am heading to Maine and plan on sleeping in and then walking the beach with my sweet chocolate lab, Lucy and my husband. Perfection.

Here’s the latest recipe I concocted for my FODMAPers…

If I do say so myself, and I am…these herb infused pork burgers are amazing.   I cooked them up for lunch and they got a 5 thumb-ups rating.  5/5…not too shabby.Pork burger

I bought 1 pound of ground pork and added gluten free bread crumbs, an egg, some fresh rosemary, and green scallion along with one of my favorite seasoning blends, Bell’s Seasoning.  This season mix is often used to make your favorite Thanksgiving turkey stuffing…and the flavor it imparts is so….good! Although Bell’s Seasoning has not been officially tested, there are no known high FODMAP ingredients.

These pork burgers can be browned in a skillet or cooked on the grill.

Rosemary and Sage Pork Burgers

Category: Low FODMAP Main Dishes

Rosemary and Sage Pork Burgers


  • Makes 5 Pork Burgers
  • 1 pound ground pork
  • 1/2 cup suitable low FODMAP bread crumbs (I used Glutino original crumbs)
  • 1 tablespoon Bell's Seasoning
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh rosemary
  • 1 scallion (spring onion), green part only, thinly sliced
  • 1 tablespoon oil (grapeseed or garlic infused oil)
  • Sea salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Lightly oil large skillet or prepare grill to cook burgers.
  2. In large bowl, add pork, bread crumbs, Bell's seasoning, egg, rosemary and scallion slices; mix ingredients with hands or spoon to thoroughly blend ingredients.
  3. Form 5 evenly sized burgers with pork mixture.
  4. If using skillet, place skillet over medium heat, add garlic infused or grapeseed oil to pan.
  5. Carefully add burgers in to the pan and season with salt and pepper.
  6. Cook for about 5 minutes and then flip burgers with a spatula and cook on the other side for another 5 minutes or until evenly browned.
  7. Reduce heat to low/medium, add skillet cover and let the burgers cook through for another 10 minutes or until pork is cooked through or registers 160 º F on meat thermometer.
  8. Serve on suitable bun or bun-less, as desired.

I hope you enjoy these flavorful herb infused pork burgers!

4 replies on “Rosemary and Sage Pork Burgers

  • Carol Benjamin

    Hi Kate, I left a message at the web site. As I didn’t receive an answer yet, just thought I would post here. Are deli meats, like turkey or ham, ok on FODMAP. I have been doing very well and had a set-back. I had eaten deli turkey. Can you comment.

    • katescarlata

      Hi Liz,
      I believe it is fairly new medical food therapy—I know a few GI docs that were very intrigued by the science–and are testing it out with some of their difficult to treat patients. I haven’t heard much more—but will ask this weekend when I am at a GI conference in Cali!

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