Quinoa Crusted Chicken Parmesan

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This recipe is a keeper.  Chicken Parmesan with a quinoa crust? Whoa!

Quinoa crusted chicken

You’re welcome.  🙂

Really. Really. Good.

The inspiration for this recipe was found at Damn Delicious, here.  I added an extra layer to the crust–dipping the chicken breasts in lactose free milk and a very light layer of potato starch.  It is an extra step…but {I think} worth it.

Quinoa is a nutrient and fiber rich seed. It’s gluten free and low FODMAP. Yay, for that!  I added a little basil to the quinoa for a little Italian flavor.

This chicken dish is baked not fried so is a healthier version of traditional Chicken Parmesan.

QuinoaYou ready for this?

quinoa crusted chicken for two

17 replies on “Quinoa Crusted Chicken Parmesan

  • Sandy

    Looks great! Are you only pressing the quinoa into one side of the cutlet or both? As always thanks for your wonderful recipes making life for us Low FODMAPers much more enjoyable 🙂


    • Sue

      My MD suggested I see a dietician due to some occasional digestive issues.. I haven’t been diagnosed with IBS and have had labs tests to rule out other digestive issues including gluten which have all come back negative. I have not had the hydrogen breath testing. The dietician told me to follow a FODMAP diet for a few weeks and email her back. I’m not getting much guidance from her and noticed some of the allowed items are causing acid reflux. Is there someone in the Minneapolis area that you would suggest?

  • Adina

    Thanks for this tasty idea 🙂 I love chicken parm! I know you have warned before to choose leaner meats because anything too fatty can trigger IBS. Well I have been doing SO great on the low fodmap and in my bliss forgot that piece of info and made a pork roast that was most heavily marbled with fat. Kate, I got so, so, sick. Then I remembered you’re advice – not too fatty! Call this one a tough lesson learned. On a positive note, since I’ve been more open about my IBS two others have confided their IBS with me and I was able to pass on your website to them and they are doing much better on low fodmap too! You are helping us far and wide. Thank you from all the way in Montana!

  • Nadya Heywood

    Please Kate, will you translate to units that we can understand in Europe? how much is a cup (in litres)? what is Fahrenheit in Celsius/Centrigrade? you could put the translation within a bracket. I follow the low FODMAP path and have been in recession from ulcerative colitis for more than a year. I could use some recipes for breads and savoury biscuits or semi-sweet biscuits. I really appreciate your blog.

    • katescarlata

      Adina, I am happy to comment on ingredients but kindly put in the text of your comment as I don’t (unfortunately) have the time to check out links and navigate the sites. thanks!


  • Adina

    Hi Kate! I was just wondering if you have heard of garlic infused olive oil being troublesome for some individuals on the low fodmap diet? I am very sensitive to garlic and the other GOS foods and am wondering if I may be crazy, but it I could swear that it is upsetting. Just wondering if anyone else you know of has had this experience too?

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