FODMAP learning opportunities for the health professional

I have always had a passion for digestive health and my interest was piqued when I stumbled upon the research for FODMAPs in the medical literature in 2009.  I was intrigued by the notion that small chain carbohydrates could have a cumulative impact on symptoms of GI distress for those who suffer with IBS. When I started implementing the diet with my clients with digestive woes, I was thrilled to see them progress in such a positive and immediate way.

I needed to learn more about this novel diet therapy and with the help of funding from the Massachusetts Dietetic Association, I booked a ticket from Boston to Melbourne, Australia to learn directly from the pioneers of the low FODMAP diet at Monash University.

It was a very long trip but one of the best trips of my career.

Thankfully, today, health professionals don’t have to journey across the globe to receive FODMAP education! I would like to share with you 2 fall European conferences that I will be speaking along with many of the Monash researchers and other experts in November 2015. The first, GASTRODIET2015 is a two-day conference in Prato, Italy November 1-3… 

An international meeting on food, diet and gastrointestinal health… 


Experts from various countries will share their knowledge and expertise on nutrition and digestive health. This meeting is geared for gastroenterologists and dietitians. If you are a health professional and want to learn more about GASTRODIET2015 or to register, check out the site here.

Following this great meeting in Italy, a group of dietitians and researchers will go straight to Rotterdam, Holland for another day of learning on November 6, 2015.  This event has been coordinated through allergieplatform in the Netherlands.logo for RotterdamThis program is geared for dietitians that work with IBS patients using the low FODMAP diet approach. A wide range of topics will be covered. To learn more about the program or register, click here.  This program will take place at the markhal, a very interesting venue!

If traveling to Europe does not fit your budget or schedule–don’t you worry–there are other learning opportunities for you to broaden your knowledge of the low FODMAP diet and digestive health.

I have written a self-study course for Wolf Rinke on the low FODMAP diet and its application.  How easy would it be to learn about the low FODMAP diet right from your living room couch? To earn 8 CPEUs, order here.

This year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ annual conference (FNCE) will take place in Nashville, Tennessee in October. FNCE will host 3 FODMAP talks during the conference, 2 in the program and 1 FODMAP related dinner and educational session titled, Fiber to FODMAPs: Unraveling their Roles in Gut Health and IBS, which will be provided by the Medical Nutrition Practice Group on Sunday, October 4th from 6-8 PM. Dr. Jane Muir, Patsy Catsos and I will be presenting at this last event and registration will go out to the MNPG members first and then will be opened up to the general Academy membership. Registration will open on the MNPG website sometime next month.

To learn more about FNCE click here.

And due to constant request, I also provide dietitian and health professional low FODMAP diet and digestive health coaching. The coaching is done in person, via phone or Skype and is tailored to your personal educational goals. Learn more here. 

We do have a shortage of FODMAP educated health professionals in the US and globally. With advances in the science of the gut microbiome and health, understanding the role of nutrition and digestive health will be paramount for all health professionals.

“All disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates

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  • Marie McAleese

    I am a pediatrician, and work as a hospitalist. I also have IBS which began 12 years ago, during my 4th year of medical school (stress, anyone?), and my symptoms have worsened over the years. I could certainly relate some of my symptoms to stress and consumption of fried foods, but nothing I tried would alleviate my symptoms completely, and often I was miserable. I heard about the FODMAPs while reading an article written by a gastroenterologist, and decided to do some research on it. I purchased Patsy Catsos’ book and Sue Shepherd’s book 2-3 months ago, totally believing that the diet wouldn’t work for me. I was so wrong! I felt better within 2 days. I then discovered your website, which I refer to often for recipes, and I appreciate your blog posts written from a health professional’s perspective. I have since been able to advise several of my friends with IBS to investigate this Diego the ir

    • Marie McAleese

      My phone posted my message before I was finished! Anyway, I have referred several of my friends to the diet. Thank you for all of your work on this topic, and all of the information you share. Very much appreciated!

  • andy yurechko

    Wow Kate! What a great opportunity for Dietitians. Will I be added to your FODMAP certified list of Dietitians when I complete this course? Or how do I become added to that list???

    • katescarlata

      Andy, When you have been working successfully with IBS patients with the low FODMAP diet and have some training under your belt–with either live lectures or other self study course work—email me your contact info at We are always willing to add knowledgeable dietitians to the list as long as they are capable to accurately apply the low FODMAP diet.

  • Annemarie Nevill

    Hello Kate. Thank you for your wonderful website. I have just come out of hospital with inflamed bowel and recovery slow. Happened after period of significant stress. I’ll be embracing the low FODMAP diet from now. I live in Melbourne Australia which seems one of the world’s FODMAP capitals!! Best wishes Annemarie

  • Annemarie Nevill

    I’m also an academic with background in public health nutrition research. My area of research expertise is sociocultural determinants of health. I am not a dietitian or clinician.

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