Take a well-being inventory today!

Today’s tip is not a FODMAP tip but rather a mental health tip!

It’s important every now again to take a personal pulse check.  Check in with yourself and ask, “How are you feeling today?”

Maybe you feel happy, relaxed and/or calm but maybe you find yourself feeling a bit frenzied, too busy and stressed? Or maybe you just feel something in-between.

UntitledLast week I presented a talk on FODMAPs at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Generally it takes me about 45 minutes to get to Boston from my home.  But traffic was awful and it took me over 2 hours to get into the city.  I was so worried I would be late for the talk.  It was soooooo stressful! 🙁

But  I made it to the talk on time, with time to spare, and my talk went perfectly fine.  Phew!  But…what I did learn….was that the stress can really made me feel tired and beat up.  What I really needed was a weekend of doing nothing.  So…that is exactly what I did….nothing! Honoring and listening to your body is so important especially when you are dealing with chronic health issues.

Instead of running around like a crazy person this weekend …I took it down a notch and relaxed.  I snuggled with my chocolate lab, Lucy and hung out with my family.  It was just what I needed.

Lucy…seriously…is THE cutest!Lucy exhausted

And guess what?  I started this week feeling relaxed, rested and ready to go.

So…check in with yourself every now and again.  And take a well needed time out when you need it! It’s all good….and you deserve it!

And to help you feel more happy…I have a cookbook give-a-way! Artisanal Gluten-Free Cupcakes!! A sweet little book with amazing gluten free cupcakes recipes from strawberry shortcake to lemon blueberry cupcakes.  Not all of the recipes are low FODMAP–but many can be adapted by subbing in lactose free milk and lactose free sour cream (Green Valley has a lactose free sour cream in the US).  So leave a comment about how you relax and chill out when you are tired and need a break if you interested in a chance of winning this cute little book!cupcake book

Coming soon….a new low FODMAP cookbook with amazing recipes! Low-FODMAP 28-Day Plan book give-a-way! …and of course… more FODMAP news and more give-a-ways too!

43 replies on “Take a well-being inventory today!

  • Cyndi

    Relaxing for me is — my cats. Stanley and Max– the way they relax when I pat them — allows me to relax. I also love, love, love — a good book!

  • Julie Kuchenbrod

    When I am stressed out and feel the need to slow down and relax, I bake. I know it sounds crazy and most of my friends find it a bit nuts, but I really love to bake and for some reason it totally relaxes me. I just enjoy turning off my phone, putting on a little background music and just hanging out in the kitchen by myself for a few hours. I feel a sense of accomplishment when the recipe actually turns out the way it should (doesn’t always happen) and just the smell of fresh baked goodies makes me feel happy!

  • Phyllis S

    I relax with my Tivo and my crafting supplies – catch up on my TV shows and make some greeting cards or a 3 D papercraft project.

  • Jordan

    I try to relax with a cup of tea and a good book! Nothing makes me feel better than snuggling up under the covers and escaping into words for a while. It’s such a small thing, but it makes all the difference!

  • Sandi

    Watching the sun set is a nice way for me to relax. It is a golden opportunity to embrace the present moment, as it is unfolding before my eyes. Nature truly brings healing power to any day.

  • Melissa Riesgo

    I love relaxing on the couch drinking tea and listening to classical music. I live by a park so it is so nice to day dream while watching nature out your window.

  • Laury

    I hear what you’re saying though a little tough when your “work” goes into the weekend, but my pool was my savior this summer. Unfortunately we just had to close it up so I’m going to do a fall back to walking with my chocolate lab and reading my mysteries!

  • Kathy Smith

    Taking our two dogs on a long walk along the river is my favorite way to relax. I notice my breathing becoming slower and more regular about halfway along the route. The lab likes to get in the water to cool off. It is so fun to watch his enjoyment.

    • katescarlata

      Thanks for all the wonderful comments about how you add relaxation into your lives. So…wonderful to hear all these great ideas–and I know that your comments are motivating others to give themselves permission to take time to chill out too! I have the BEST blog followers!! I am so grateful!

  • Holly Beck

    I relax by spending time with my kids, they are both teens and really busy. It is fun sitting and listening to them talk about what’s going on with them.

  • Sheila

    Thanks for your timely health tip on stress today. Relaxing for me is putting on some music and getting creative with my watercolor paints.

  • Lesley

    Does running count as relaxation?!? I know you are doing physical activity but running helps clear my mind and releases my stress.

  • Meghan

    I organize… sock drawers, kitchen cabinets, closets, you name it! I actually REALLY enjoy it and it helps me feel like have a better grip on life. I’m not OCD about it (can’t be with three kids!) but I feel really good when I am done, and I can take just 10 minutes or an hour, whatever time I have. I have a very busy work and family life so I find that if I can’t stay organized then the stress of searching for things or having things pile up makes me feel crazed.

  • Mary

    A walk with my husband helps wind down the day. Getting lost in a good book. Brainless TV for really bad days. And sometimes chopping vegetables does the trick.

  • Jacqueline

    Hi Kate,
    I love to relax and de-stress either by enjoying a cup of hot tea with my best friend or, if I need some alone time, doing yoga. Although difficult to do as a college student in a dorm, I used to love to de-stress with my mom by baking a homemade bread or making dinner with my mom.

  • Laura S.

    I relax by lighting a few candles and putting on one of my relaxing yoga videos. I find that having the aroma of the candle plus the physical act of stretching and strengthening my muscle to be extremely effective in relieving stress.

  • Wendy

    I have a few ways I relax.
    I like to enjoy nature, mindfully. Really pay attention to what is around me, all the little things, just get lost in the beauty that surrounds me.
    I also like to create. I draw and paint and write…and Cook!!
    I spend time with my husband and just be.
    We have a new little rescue dog, it is so nice getting to know her. We take her out and walk and laugh. LAUGH. I never feel more relaxed than after a good laugh.
    and I meditate.
    just Breathe…and Be.
    (The cookbook sound delicious, but I don’t really eat sweets any more, so I’d love for another to enjoy it.)

  • Laura S.

    I enjoying running to help relieve some stress but sometimes this can be stressful so when I don’t run I tend to light a few candles and do some light stretching exercises.

  • Seevan

    I relax by loafing around with my husband, cat, and puppy! Preferably with a good movie.

    I also like to be outside and enjoy a nice day.

    Sometimes something rote like cleaning, painting my nails, or working on a craft project helps.

  • Karyn

    Great timing with this post…I am hopeless at working on my own wellbeing. I really need to work on not feeling guilty for doing ‘nothing’ – I plan it & then keep thinking about all the things I should/could be doing! Something to work on as I am about to begin holidays…

  • marciana

    I have a Spa Day at home. It s cheap and cheerful, total privacy of your own home. Its all about me (no guilt here but it took me quite a few years to get that one right !!). Everything from Bath Soak, splashing on a nice body lotion, leave on a good conditioner on hair. I bought a soft white bathrobe (nothing too expensive) that makes me think Im in a Luxury Spa Complex, do eyebrows, Manicure Nails & Paint (lather on foot cream and soak in warm water) and while enjoying the soak manicure fingernails and paint. Then more foot cream and put on some socks and lay feet on a warm hot water bottle and flick through some magazines. Paint toe nails. Lovely soft feet & hands. I unplug the phone, turn the mobile off. This can be done day or night. If it nighttime I light candles too.

  • Jess

    A bit of yoga followed by a cup of tea with a good book, and a cuddle with my dog too 🙂 All without my phone!!
    Loving everyone else’s ideas too, keep them coming!!

  • Susan Burgio

    When I am stressed out and just want to veg- I do what I know will actually make me feel better- call a girlfriend and go walking or cycling. The exercise has so many health benefits, getting those endorphins going is one of them. Girlfriends are ‘the best’ for letting it all out- it’s my happy place.

  • Cindy

    As much as I don’t enjoy exercise, I have to admit that when I’m stressed, 30 minutes of fast walking on the treadmill works wonders! However, I’m with Sarah and Cyndi, nothing beats losing yourself in a good book with a cup of hot tea and a kitty next to you!

  • SusanR

    I relax with reading, baking or catching up on a TV show (right now I’m working my way through Friday Night Lights, love it!). Or, sometimes I just take a nap : )

  • Carol Benjamin

    I relax by going on a photo shoot. Just looking at all the beautiful birds, butterflies or just the water takes me to another place and feeling very grateful. I am transported to a different place and time with each shot. Feels so good!

  • Mary Lou Veroline

    I crave the sun so when I need to take it down a few notches on a weekend, I will lay by the pool (with a book) or walk on the beach. I live in South Florida so that is available to me 12 months out of the year – yay!!!

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