Beyond the Banana

In a fruit rut?

Do the same fruits wind up in your grocery cart every week?  Perhaps you might give dragon fruit a try.  Check out this gorgeous fruit!colorful dragon contacted me to see if I would like some of their delicious dragon fruit and of course, I said, “YES!”  Friedas has a nutrition campaign called, “fear no fruit”, in an effort to help consumers try new and unusual produce! I love this concept.  Check out more here!

Russ and I purchase a big bowl of pre-cut fruit at Whole Foods just about every week.  I know I would save a few bucks if I did the dicing myself…but the reality is…I definitely eat more fruit when I leave that job to somebody else. 🙂  So for us, it’s worth the extra money. Fortunately, so many fruits are allowed on the low FODMAP diet…just don’t eat a fruit salad the size of your head! One serving per sitting!

whole food fruit bowl

I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to buying fruit, how about you?   I do, however,  LOVE trying new produce when I find it… and dragon fruit is one of those fruits that lured me in!

Dragon fruit is a low FODMAP fruit option (yay!) and has a mild but tasty flavor.

Want to learn more about dragon fruit? Check out my colleague and fellow dietitian, Monica Lebre’s informative post here!

Whether it be fruit or even life…it’s easy to get in a rut.  Try to step outside your typical fruit bowl…and explore and enjoy new tastes, flavors and life experiences.

5 replies on “Beyond the Banana

  • Jess

    Ohhh I LOVE dragonfruit! I got hooked while I was in Vietnam, but can’t seem to find anywhere I can get my hands on them in Melbourne 🙁

  • Kelsie

    I love fruit but get very bloated and gassy when I eat them even in small amounts. Does this mean I have a problem absorbing fructose?

  • Kari

    I have wanted to try Dragon fruit for a long time and now with your FODMAP thumbs up I put it on my list to see if it is available on the Canadian Prairies. All of the fruit on the Fear No Fruit page look very interesting! Buddha’s Hand looks like something I need to find for Halloween – an edible decoration! Do you know if these other fruits are FODMAP friendly?

  • Exploding Mary

    I am fearless about fruit, and hope someday to taste the famous, or should I say infamous Durian, whose smell is said to be loathsome. I glory in pumpkins and pears and lemons more than bananas, and my fave of all is the pomegranate, followed by cranberry– tart is my thing.

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