Summer Squash & Red Quinoa Salad


Today’s recipe is from Epicurious, called Summer Squash and Red Quinoa Salad.  I found this recipe on the web and have made it twice in the past 2 weeks!! It’s so seriously yummy that I just had to share it with you guys! Click here for the recipe! I didn’t have red quinoa so I used the white quinoa I had on hand.

summer squash quinoaThis salad makes great leftovers too! Feel free to morph the recipe a little to your desires–but I kept it just about the same. The toasted walnuts and fresh basil really add nice flavor!

quinoa summer squash summer salad

This week is flying! How can it be Thursday already?! … I hope you all are having a great week!  The summer in New England has really been perfect. Not too buggy…warm.  Great for hanging outside.  I am loving it!

Thanks so much for all your great Tuesday Tip ideas!! I am working on them.. and have asked some colleagues to guest post too–which is always fun and great to get another point of view.

I pulled two names from my comment list and the winners of the fun packets of paper straws are: 1) Erin and 2) Kate & Maddie  CONGRATS!!

So far I have had a very busy week and past weekend! Last Saturday, I did my first ever Warrior Dash! It was a 3.2 mile run with multiple obstacles–12, I think, and lots and lots of mud. 😉  I signed up without really knowing what a Warrior Dash consisted of…oops!  When my husband Russ showed me the videos online with the mud pools and fire…I was a bit horrified.  But, I did it and I LOVED it!

best warrior group

Yeah… a little muddy…but happy!

This week, I have been contacted from numerous reporters about the low FODMAP diet.  This is exciting… as this means the word is getting out about the low FODMAP diet! I am hopeful that more people that are suffering silently with IBS will hear about the diet and finally get the help they need!

Until next post, take care!

6 replies on “Summer Squash & Red Quinoa Salad

  • Liz Almond

    I’m in the Elimination phase. Do you have any info on flavored coffee creamers? I use Natural Bliss which doesn’t have Carageenan. Thanks!

    • Liz Almond

      I made Low Fodmap Spaghetti Sauce last night and added about 1/2 cup of chopped onion for my challenge. No reaction last night, but this morning I started getting gas pains, then pains got worse, as if Diarrhea is on the way. I’m assuming this is reaction to the onion. I did take a Zantac before dinner last night because tomato sauce gives me indigestion. Could this be causing pains? So far, a bagel gave me a bad reaction, sour dough bread did not. If I can’t eat onions, should I assume that I can’t eat any other Fructans (except sourdough bread) or should I challenge some others, like regular wheat bread or a hamburger roll? Thanks!

  • Brenda Bagley

    Kate, I really enjoy your blog. I found out about the FODMAP diet last Spring from my gastroenterologist. Since then I’ve passed it on to several people and have read so much about it online and even saw a special on it that was done in England.
    I am so glad that more and more people are finding out about this! It’s made a HUGE difference in my life and the lives of those around me!
    Keep up the great work. I’m going to make this quinoa salad tonight.
    Best to you!

  • Jennifer Kershner

    Thank you for posting this delicious recipe! I made it for our dinner tonight & we can’t stop eating it. I am a follower of your fodmap guidelines & I am finally, finally after a very long time, able to eat well, feel well, feel normal, and participate in life.

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