Freshen Up! Low FODMAP style.

Clients ask me all the time about what gum or breath mints to choose while on the low FODMAP diet so I thought this might be a good Tuesday Tip post.

I certainly don’t want your dentist running after me… so just be fair warned that mints and gum made with sugar are not the best for your dental health. 🙂  Be sure to brush your teeth often and not go over board with sugar-y treats.

What makes a suitable low FODMAP gum or mint?  I tend to go with a product sweetened with sugar and dextrose (glucose) and as little as possible of other ingredients.

You definitely want to avoid sugar alcohol sweetened gum and mints full of mannitol and sorbitol–two FODMAP polyol sources. And of course, avoid high fructose corn syrup too.  

Here’s a few examples that appear suitable to me:gum imageNot all Altoids products are suitable for the low FODMAP diet (some contain sugar alcohols)–but the items shown above looks a-okay to me. It’s funny though –on the back side of the package of Altoids it says, “So go ahead and load up on the onions and garlic…you’re covered”.   Uh hem…maybe not! 🙂

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  • Kerry @ The Adventures of Z & K

    I’ve been on a quest to find low FODMAP mints/gum seeing as how I used to pop sugar-free gum like it was my job. I just came back from the store this weekend with Glee gum and altoids so this post is very timely. It’s funny that the original flavored altoids contain sugar whereas the wintergreen contain sorbitol. Check those labels carefully!

  • Jill

    I’ve been using Tic-Tac Wintergreen for years. I’m on the challenge phases now but even through the elimination phase, they were one of the few of my favorites I didn’t have to give up. I hope this helps others searching for mints and gums. BTW, my gastroenterologist advised me against gum at all because you’re chewing and not sending any food down…It’s basically swallowing air which can build up in the gut and cause discomfort too.

    • katescarlata

      Phil, the sugar free Glee varieties have sugar alcohols so would not be suitable. The bubble gum and peppermint look good. The sugar variety has 2 grams sugar per 2 pieces–not much!

  • Jane S

    Not about mints, but about reading labels! I had found a breakfast marmalade that was fine, then over a week or two found I was getting pain again and finally tracked it down to the marmalade which had changed its recipe and had fructose syrup as the first ingredient. So now I check labels that were OK last week, but might not be this week …
    Makes shopping so very slow, but keeps the pain away.

  • Liz Almond

    Is 1/2 cup of Broccoli still ok? It’s ok on some lists but not others. How about peas? I don’t like too many veggies and I seem to be eating green beans all the time!

  • Deanne Erickson

    I’ve been on the diet for a week following my breath test confirming SIBO. I see so many lists out there and they aren’t all the same. Is there ONE good list I can refer to? Also, thank you SO much for the mint/gum tip.

  • Heather Hoerl

    I too have just received positive SIBO test result. I am beginning this week on a low fodmap diet. It is a little overwhelming. So glad I have found your blog. Thank you for the tips for beginners.

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