Tuna Cakes

My daughter, Chelsea turned me on to this recipe.  It’s like a burger but made with canned tuna fish.

This recipe is easy and I seem to always have all the required ingredients on hand! Tuna Cakes are  budget friendly and a healthy way to sneak in another fish meal during the week.

I can’t take credit for this recipe–it’s not my original recipe–but one I wanted to share with you as it fits nicely into the low FODMAP diet with minor changes.  Tuna Cakes are a quick fix dinner or lunch meal for short pocket change.

Check out these deliciouso Tuna Cakes! mmmmm….

The original recipe called Tuna Patties can be accessed here. 

To make this recipe FODMAP friendly-sub in gluten free bread for white bread and use chives or green part of scallions rather than shallots.  For the hot sauce, choose one without added onion or garlic–I found Texas Pete brand (or delete if you are particularly sensitive to HOT stuff.)

This recipe makes 4 patties.

First you mix a 2 cans of  tunafish (I drained them) with Dijon mustard-I used Maille.   Add a bit of lemon zest and some lemon juice.  I added some fresh herbs–green part of scallions, parsley and a bit of dill.  Check out the recipe link above for a list of all the ingredients! FODMAPers see comments above to adjust original recipe to your tolerance.

When you mix up all the ingredients–form into 4 patties and place on a parchment lined dish to refrigerate for a bit.

Then into the skillet they go with a bit of olive oil and butter to brown ’em up!

We enjoyed these with a side of homemade baked sweet potato and white potato fries–potatoes straight from the farm. 

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy recipe!





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