Mini Carrot Walnut Muffins and Doughnuts!

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Cooler weather is coming to New England and the pumpkins are out!

And while the leaves fall from the trees, the plants take on their own ‘Fallish’ beauty.

Look at the hue on this hydrangea. 

Cooler weather makes me want to bake. 🙂

I like adding vegetables and fruits to my favorite recipes to maximize the nutrition in my baked treats.  Today’s vegetable add-in…CARROTS.

Carrot walnut muffins sounded good to me–so I made mini muffins and then used the extra batter to make a little batch of baked doughnuts!  I bought the doughnuts pan recently just for fun!

The baked carrot walnut doughnuts were tasty too. 🙂

I sprinkled the doughnuts with a small amount of sugar infused with a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon…yum.

I used King Arthur Gluten free Multipurpose Flour  but if you are not following the low FODMAP diet whole wheat pastry flour would be a nice high fiber alternative.

I hope you are embracing the changing of the season…and take time to notice some of Mother Earth’s beauty this time of year.  And while the temps are cooler….enjoy some baking!

To help you keep organized with your menu planning, leave a comment and enter for a chance to win a this cute little kitchen pad! Would love to hear about some of your favorite fall flavors and recipes.




10 replies on “Mini Carrot Walnut Muffins and Doughnuts!

  • Mary Lou Ridler

    These are on my to do list for tomorrow. Today I tried to make a plain biscotti reciepe that was my grandmothers, I made it gluten free. I have a lot of cookies to throw away. I’ll make something you already proved to work:)

      • Mary Lou Ridler

        I have mastered, g.f. Zucchini / carrot bread. Blueberry/lemon bread, banana & pumpkin breads. But my Italian grandmothers baked goods just don’t want to convert! Stuborn just like the woman I am trying to copy:)
        P.S. I am g.f., low fodmaps, and ibs. Your site has been a wealth of info for me, thank you for every post and bit of info.

  • Vanessa

    Those look delicious! I have tried a couple of your recipes, and they are all good!

    Do you have any tips for someone with IBS looking to gain weight? I need to put on some weight, and am thinking about supplementing with a protein shake. I don’t know if there are any that are good for sensitive stomachs (A big trigger for me is lactose, and I’m not sure if whey protein will trigger symptoms). Any suggestions ould be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

    • katescarlata

      Hi Vanessa…I am not a huge fan of protein powders–I think when possible use real ingredients and whip up a nice concoction. How about light coconut milk (2/3 cup) with a scoop of peanut butter and a frozen banana? This would give you about 300 plus calories or try a container of lactose free yogurt (Green valley) with a cup of frozen strawberries and perhaps a tsp or 2 of chia seeds blended.
      If you feel strongly about trying a protein powder–there are some that are fine–such as this rice protein powder.

      • Vanessa

        Thank you! I have yet to find a protein powder without a llloooonng ingredient list, which is why I tend to stay away. I love coconut milk, so I will give that a try. Thank you again for the advice and recipes!

  • Ruth C

    Hi Kate,

    I made these muffins tonight and they are seriously delicious!! I’ve been craving something sweet that wouldn’t make me feel sick, and these fit the bill perfectly. I added 3/4 tsp salt to strengthen their flavor a bit. And I’m suprised at how well my gluten free flour did! Hardly any difference. Yay!! Thank you!!


  • Mary Lou Ridler

    I made these a few days ago, and they are great. I used pecans, and skipped the frosting, I don’t do we’ll with cream cheese, and they are still very good. The pineapple is which a great addition!

  • Martha Souza

    Please tell me it is OK to use Xanthan Gum or psyllium in recipes. I want to bake my own bread and cookies as they taste so much better. I am new to FODMAP and don’t see these items listed on the handouts I have been given.
    Thank you

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