Itty bitty fruit pies

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No doubt about it, I have a sweet tooth!  I like to finish my dinner with a little smackering of sweetness.   I was on Pinterest and someone posted mini apple pies made in a pie tin.  How cute is that?  I love the idea of making mini desserts.

My son, Kevin, loves apple pie and I love a good berry crisp.  So…I made a little assortment of mini fruit filled pies in a pie tin.  I like that you can fill each pie a little differently.

Start with some yummy apples…

Or fresh berries….

I  bought pre made crust to save some time.  {For my low FODMAP followers, purchase a suitable gluten free crust, like Whole Foods Bakehouse and fill with berry mixture as apples are NOT low FODMAP!}

Roll out the crust and cut into 12 circles, about 3 1/2 ” diameter.  I used one of our drinking glasses.

Oil a muffin tin and pop the circles in like this.

I tossed the apples with the juice of 1/2 a lemon, some cinnamon and sugar, and a bit of corn starch…

and repeated the process with the chopped strawberries and blueberries.

In the muffin tin they go.

I just happened to have some gingersnap crumble, so topped off a few of the pies with this crumble.

Bake these little gems for about 25 minutes and you have the cutest little pies in all the land.

Itty Bitty Fruit Pies

Serving size: 1 mini pie  {that is why I love this recipe, it’s a little treat, that is just enough}

I happened to just have some gingersnap cookie crumble that I had made from a previous fruit crisp recipe, so topped that on some of the berry pies.  For those interested, recipe can be found here.  But note: it’s not FODMAP friendly but I bet one of you creative cooks could make it low FODMAP!