NYC: Quinoa Tabouli and Cupcakes

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We headed to NYC this weekend to help my daughter, Chelsea with an upcoming move from the financial district to the Upper West Side.  It was my birthday weekend, so being in NYC was a bonus.  Friday, we walked down Wall Street toward the Seaport.   The New York Stock Exchange is always cool to see. Very Patriotic!

We learned that John Lennon’s son, Sean was performing at the Seaport on South Street so we thought we’d check his band out.  It was pretty cool to see him in person.

On Saturday, we stopped at Izzy and Nat’s for some bagels.  They are huge and delicious!  We walked down by the Hudson and ate our bagels by the river.  The Statue of Liberty is in view-love that!

Since it was my birthday I got to call the shots on where we would go next, so I picked a smoothie and falafel bar called Taim.

We had the most amazing tabouli salad ever!Falafel and a yummy smoothie! 

Next to Magnolia Bakery, after all it’s my birthday weekend!  I do love this place.  Check out all the goods ready to be frosted!

Here is our selections!

After lunch and dessert we headed to the Upper East Side for some serious bird watching.  Pale Male is a famous red-tailed hawk that has taken up residence at  927 5th Ave near the boat pond. We try to see Pale Male every visit to NYC.  This trip was particularly special because Pale Male and his mate, Lima have 2 babies.

How cute are they?

When I got back home, I could not stop thinking about that yummy tabouli and had to make some!  This time I substituted quinoa for the cracked wheat used in the traditional recipe.  It came out wonderful.  Can’t wait to eat some tonight with dinner.  

BEST ever Quinoa Tabouli

Always rinse quinoa to remove outer coating of saponins, which can leave a bitter taste, rinse well in strainer and then cook as directed.  Substituting the quinoa for the traditionally used cracked wheat or bulgur, makes this version gluten free and FODMAPs friendly!

My friend Liz, a fabulous cook was the inspiration for this recipe.  SHOUT out to Liz! 

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  • Marcia Coakley - Dance of Health

    Thanks! I made quinoa this morning (I use my very basic rice cooker) and I appreciate the reminder to gather mint and parsley form the garden and go for some tabbouleh! Yum.

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