Low FODMAP Turkey Day Prep

Hello Friends! Happy Fri-Yay!

I don’t know about you…but I am gearing up for a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving.  I am cooking this year and have started putting my menu together.  I know being on a modified diet can add an extra layer to your planning…but try not to let it bog you down too much.  Good news…Turkey is low FODMAP!

I thought today I would share a few menu inspirations for the upcoming holidays. I have included a mix of recipes I have posted on the blog that I enjoy during the holiday season!

I love a good appetizer selection during the holidays. Do you?  I love hanging out with a nice glass of red wine and munching on some yummy foods surrounded by the people I love. 🙂

My husband’s family is Italian…and therefore, antipasto is a MUST during the holidays!  These antipasto skewers are easy to make and so delish.

Find the recipe here:

My mom was always big on making a cheese ball for any family celebration. 🙂 This delicious walnut-crusted cheese ball is made with lactose free cream cheese, chopped pineapple and green scallions. It truly is a winning combo and slightly addictive.  Find recipe here.   Serve with suitable low FODMAP crackers.

You. will. not. be. disappointed.

We also love these pineapple bites wrapped in bacon. The sweet and savory mix is yum.

While traditional Thanksgiving meals may include a big green bean casserole topped with fried onions, we pass on this dish and make yummy green bean bundles, recipe here. These are so tasty…though they do take a little extra time.  I think they are worth it!

Cranberry sauce in the can in the US is pretty much always full of high fructose corn syrup…ugh…so I like to make a nice wholesome fresh cranberry sauce myself. Check out my cranberry relish recipe here.

Oh…and if you have a sweet tooth like me…round out your menu with some fun desserts such as pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies or some yummy chewy peanut butter cookies to finish out the meal.

Cookies are easy to pack up with you–so maybe bring some along with you if you are eating away from  home.

For traditional Thanksgiving items such as gravy and mashed potatoes–these are truly easy to modify for you sensitive tummy.  I boil red skin potatoes until fork tender, mash them up with lactose free milk, butter (yes, butter is low lactose), a drizzle of garlic infused oil (FODY foods has a yummy one), salt and pepper to taste. Perfection! For gravy, I use some of the turkey drippings and add low FODMAP chicken broth (again FODY foods has a simple chicken stock to use). I thicken the gravy with a roux made of rice flour and butter.  Note: FODY foods is my client and above links are affiliate links.

But most of all…have fun planning and eating your holiday meal…and focus on what you can eat…NOT what you can’t. 🙂

And remember…there is always something to be thankful for!

4 replies on “Low FODMAP Turkey Day Prep

  • Casey

    I always look forward to these holiday-themed posts! I’m hosting my S.O.’s parents this Thanksgiving, so trying to find a happy medium between traditional food for them (what I’ll probably avoid i.e., stuffing) and yummy FODMAP friendly foods that we all can enjoy!

    Thanks again for these great ideas and hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

  • Ann Kelly

    Your information has done wonders for me controlling my fructose malabsorption issues. I have a question regarding turkeys. Most frozen turkeys are injected with broth which I assume have onion and garlic. Fresh turkeys list spices ?? not sure what those consist of. Would a fresh or frozen turkey be better?

    Thanks you for all your hard work. Happy Holidays.

    • katescarlata

      Hi Ann, the term spices in a US product regulated by USDA such as meat & poultry could denote onion and garlic. Fresh would likely be best. I am not sure we need to get too micro with these small amounts of spice added to a big turkey…but certainly it might make a difference for some people that are very very sensitive.

  • Judy

    GREat Ideas. Thanks. As far as the green bean bundles go here is an alternate suggestion: Instead of taking the time to wrap beans cut up ow leave whole as desired. Cut pancetta and provolone into chunks. Toss with a small amount of oil and spread over a parchment lined cookie sheet. Bake as directed for a few minutes to desired doneness. Put into serving dish and sprinkle on parmesan cheese. I have fibromyalgia, so I avoid any fussing whatsoever. So I can eat this FODMAPPED version of green bean casserole without the fuss. And if I want a taste loser to green bean casserole, nothing wrong with tossing in some green onion or leek greens and some cut mushrooms, roast all together then serve with cheese on top! May want to throw scallion greens a few minutes before done, as they take very little time to cook. Or just garnish with them and the parmesan. Great jumping off point. Thanks for all your hard work on out behalf, Kate.

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