Orange Cranberry Walnut Scones (gluten free + low FODMAP)

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The weather here in New England is showing us a little grace–warming up enough to let the daffodils pop out from the ground.  I love this time of year because I know summer is just around the corner!  Russ and I had a busy weekend including a long walk with Lucy, dinner with 2 of my 3 kids, a spin ride on Sunday and ended the weekend with a Fleetwood Mac concert. A perfect mix. I also fit in a 15 page paper for one of my classes. Only about 3 months left of school and I will have my Master’s in Public Health wrapped up!

Although we had a full weekend planned, I also fit in some fun time in the kitchen. Today’s recipe is a low FODMAP and gluten free scone recipe. I added plenty of orange zest, a small amount of dried cranberries, and chopped walnuts. What really made the scones special though was the light drizzle of orange zested glaze.

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I used my mini scone pan because I love a mini treat. But you can make two rounds out of the dough and cut into individuals scones too. It’s best to use a gluten free flour blend with a little xanthan gum for the best texture of the scones.  It’s possible to use a gluten free flour blend without gums but you will find some of the scones will break apart easily. I like to use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten free 1 to 1 or King Arthur’s Gluten free Measure for Measure for this type of recipe.

When selecting dried cranberries to use in this recipe be sure they are not sweetened with apple juice (to ensure they are low in FODMAPs).  I used just a small amount for the delicious cranberry flavor. I also chopped them up so that you get a taste of cranberry in every bite.  You will find in the recipe that I added regular sour cream. Although sour cream is a source of lactose, the amount in the recipe is just 1/4 cup, adding minimal lactose (~0.5 grams) to the serving size.

You can sub in lactose free sour cream, but remember food intolerance is very much portion driven. This amount should be well tolerated and meets the low FODMAP cut off.

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