Broccoli Fritters

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Hello Friends.

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent from the blog lately! Last week, I was in Orlando, Florida speaking on FODMAPs, IBS + SIBO (and visited SeaWorld, since I was so close!) and finally finished up 2 big articles I was asked to write. My latest article is titled, Why a GI Dietitian Adds Value to a GI practice.  This topic is important to me, as I believe dietitians can be such an asset to patients with GI disorders. A recent survey study, however, revealed that although GI doctors feel diet is as effective or more effective than medications for IBS treatment, few refer to dietitians. I am on a mission to change this!

William Chey, MD, also wrote an article for this same publication, titled IBS: Transitioning from a Syndrome to a Disease. Dr. Chey is a gastroenterologist from U. Michigan that specializes in IBS. He makes some great (and exciting) points about the future direction of IBS treatments. Although there is some medical jargon in the article, it should be easy enough to read without a medical degree. 🙂

But, on to other things…food related! Today’s recipe…Broccoli Fritters. My friend, Sara, suggested I try this recipe. The original recipe inspo came from Smitten Kitchen, found here.

Broccoli gets a bad rap for being a major “gas producing food”…but broccoli heads are low FODMAP in a 3/4-1 cup serving (depending on the source of information: Monash vs. FODMAP friendly). With just 30 calories per cup, broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse rich in fiber, potassium, folate, Vitamin K, A and C. Two of these fritters would be a low FODMAP serving. These are seriously yummilicious. I think that is a word, right? 😉 If not, it should be.

These fritters are cooked and seared in garlic-infused oil on the stovetop.

You can top the fritters with a little plain Greek yogurt infused with some Dijon mustard and fresh lemon juice if you want–get creative!  ( A tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt is quite low in lactose, so as a little dip–it would be low FODMAP– in this small quantity.)

For a simple low FODMAP meal, serve 2 broccoli fritters with a side of rice or quinoa and grilled fish or chicken.

Here’s the recipe I adapted for my low FODMAP diet followers. Oh…and these make great leftovers, so double up the recipe if you want.

I want to say, Happy Friday…but it’s just Tuesday! Ha! Enjoy the week ahead.


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