Homemade Peppermint Patties

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Happy holiday season, my friends!

I love today’s simple and fun recipe…. homemade 4 ingredient peppermint patties! Yahoo!!!

Peppermint patties are such a delicious and refreshing treat!  I like making mini-size patties like a Junior Mint sized mint…..but make the patties the size you desire.

I mixed sifted confectioner’s sugar with mint extract (which can be a bit tough to find this time of year!) and melted coconut oil. The thick and creamy blend is molded into the inner patty of your chocolate covered treat.

A nice dip in a dark chocolate bath and maybe a sprinkling of some crushed candy canes or a nonpareils, if you desire, and voilà … you’ve got a fun & festive low FODMAP & gluten free holiday treat! 🙂

These do require some time to set in your fridge or freezer….so be sure to set aside the extra time to make this recipe. Enjoy!

Next up on the blog…more science posts…and more main dish recipes!

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. Be sure not to get too stressed this time of year…stress is not good for the GI tract or your jolly soul!

One thing I have been doing this holiday season… going to spin class with my husband, Russ. It is such a good workout in just 45 minutes.  I go at my own pace…no need to be crazy! And it has been so much fun! Russ and I have been following up our class with a big smoothie bowl (we like to split a big one) made of fruit–low fodmap for me, nuts & seeds…and sometimes granola!  I hope you are finding ways to fit in some healthy and FUN exercise along with healthy eating. It is so important, especially this time of year, when we tend to be a bit busier than usual.

Of course, it’s all about balance…so enjoy some treats too! 🙂

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