FODY Foods Introduces The Kate Box!

Hello FODMAPers!

In case you didn’t receive my newsletter yesterday…I have some fun news to share. Yesterday, I launched a new product with FODY foods called…The Kate Box I’m super excited about this collaboration. As you probably already know, FODY Food Co. provides a wide variety of delicious Monash University low FODMAP certified foods.

Let’s talk about what you’ll find inside The Kate Box.

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The Kate Box includes FODY food products that I’ve tasted, swooned over and selected to include in this fun sampler box just for you. I included the FODY Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Mild Salsa and Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt Bars. We also provided a one page menu inspiration guide that includes ways to use FODY products in your kitchen. In the box, you’ll also receive a FREE low FODMAP tote bag we designed for the on-the-go FODMAPer.

In my home, we love the FODY Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce (my husband, Russ is Italian and appreciates that the sauces are made in Italy!) I love that the FODY Tomato Basil Sauce is low FODMAP, full of flavor and made with simple recognizable ingredients. The BBQ Sauce received the 5 thumbs up from the Scarlata family. My son said out loud, “Wow, I can’t believe this is low FODMAP!” 🙂 Ha! I wonder what he meant by that?? 🙂  The Mild Salsa is so tasty you’d never know it was free of onion and garlic. FODY salsa paired with tortilla chips is an easy appetizer to serve your guests or bring along to a party.  I’m a fan of the Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt Bars especially when I am traveling. It’s not easy finding low FODMAP snacks at the airport… the dark chocolate tastes SO great!

FODY foods has big plans to help FODMAPers, like you and I, by supplying delicious, low FODMAP certified products to your table. FODY products such as their tasty Marinara, Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Salsa, along with their delicious bars: Almond Coconut Bars, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bars can now be purchased at select Wegmans’ stores!

For those of you who have followed my blog loyally, thank you so much for your continued support of my work. This FODMAP journey has been fun, at times frustrating…(all the food updates and changes, ugh!) but also the MOST rewarding work I have done in my almost 30 year career as a registered dietitian. So, thanks for spending some of your time with me. 🙂 But, since you may not know the man behind the FODY food concept, I thought it might be a good idea to share a little conversation that I enjoyed with Steven Singer, the founder and CEO of FODY foods.

First of all, Steven Singer is a super FUN person with a heart of gold. Steven founded his first food company Glutino, an international food company that made safe and tasty gluten free foods attainable to those who suffer with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. He started Glutino at the age of 26! Wow, right?

Because I think it is important to get to know the people behind the product, I hope you find my Q & A session (below) with Steven helpful to understand his quest to help the millions of people suffering with FODMAP sensitivities. His goal is to help FODMAPers have access to safe, tolerable and most importantly tasty food product options.

Here is Steven, his wife and 3 children below and our discussion to follow:steven-and-family

Kate: What prompted your interest in the food industry, particularly around products geared for digestive issues and food sensitivities? 

Steven:  I had an entrepreneurial bug when I was in my 20’s, considered many options, and loved the idea of building a business and helping people at the same time. The ultimate challenge of creating a category, designing products, and building brands! 

Kate:  What has been the most rewarding part of the work you do? 

Steven: I think while it’s been an amazing ride to build food companies that have allowed people to live normal healthy lives, eat and feel good, seeing Glutino become an international brand that is so well known and respected, that has been very rewarding.  Living with food intolerances and dietary restrictions can be super stressful and both Glutino and now FODY provide solutions, real life eating solutions!! Some of our consumers were afraid to leave the house, those same people can live with confidence.  

Kate:  From a career standpoint, what do you hope your legacy will be?

Steven: I was a trailblazer in special dietary food – when I was 26 and started Glutino, very few people, retailers, anyone for that matter…understood celiac and the gluten-free diet. FODY and the low FODMAP diet today is very similar. I hope people will look back at how many lives I touched with special dietary foods and how many people have relied and used the products I created. I hope people will look at the brands that I helped bring to life, ultimately, in an effort to make people feel better!  I’d take that legacy!!

Kate: Tell me a little about Steven Singer as a person —not the business person.  

Steven: Steven Singer the person….first and foremost, I’m a father of 3 amazing kids, 2 girls and a boy and have been married for 15 years! I’m a huge sports fan, love to cook and bake, and love to travel.  I’m a very passionate person, whether it’s wine, sports, travel, business or special dietary low FODMAP or gluten-free food. I’m all in!  

In the great words of one of my favorite people…

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

Julia Child  

I think Steven Singer has found his passion.

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As part of our work together, FODY foods provides commissions of sales via an affiliate marketing relationship and sponsored posts. Please know that my stated opinions and comments regarding FODY food are completely my own.

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  • Carla Ciampa

    Love the article with Steve Singer and Love the Kate Box!!
    Very Exciting!! Thanks for sharing❤️

  • Kathy

    Hi Kate!!
    I learned about FODY through your blog & ordered a few items. The box came today and the first thing I opened was the salsa. It is fabulous, and possibly the best salsa I have ever tasted. I am so happy to be able to enjoy some of my favorite foods again without regretting it hours later. I want to thank you for spreading the word of this company. I can’t wait to try the other items soon. Hmmm – pasta or barbecue for dinner tonight?! 🙂
    Thanks again!

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