The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is taking over Boston next weekend with about 10,000 nutrition professionals attending the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™.

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I am happy to report that I have two presentations on the low FODMAP diet during the conference.


For my FNCE session, titled, Using Science to Further Define FODMAPs And Simplify Patient Education, I have partnered with gastroenterologist and IBS expert, Judy Nee, MD from the Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. In this session, Dr. Nee will provide the most up to date scientific research about the low FODMAP diet and I will present case studies illustrating how to tailor the low FODMAP diet based on the patient’s clinical picture and the physiologic effects of FODMAPs in the gut. I have learned that some IBS patients do not need a full low FODMAP elimination diet.

In another novel session titled, The Low FODMAP Diet From the Front Lines: Dietitian & Patient Perspective sponsored by Nestle Health Science and the Medical Nutrition Practice Group (MNPG), I will provide a primer on the low FODMAP diet providing clinical pearls for the registered dietitian working with IBS patients, review a classic IBS case study and provide commentary with 4 patient panelists that will share their IBS story and their experiences following the low FODMAP diet. Bring your kleenex to this session as the stories are emotionally charged, inspiring and truly moving. I honestly feel so fortunate to be able to help IBS patients live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

In addition to these sessions, there will be a few companies showcasing their low FODMAP educational resources AND low FODMAP brandname products!! Yes, low FODMAP products are coming to the USA! Be on the lookout for Nestle Health Science (featuring a new low FODMAP certified nutritional drink, called ProNourish). Disclaimer: I do have a consulting relationship with Nestle, however, they did not ask me to do this post.  Also be on the lookout for FODY foods, which will offer a whole line of low FODMAP products. Their shop is open now featuring marinara sauce (made in Italy!) and an onion and garlic free salsa but with many more new products on the horizan! Disclaimer: I also provide consulting for FODY foods, but again, this is not a sponsored post. And Truself has launched a line of low FODMAP granola bars and will be at the expo. And last but not least, Monash University will be present in the expo, showcasing their educational resources and their very useful low FODMAP diet app.


So…I hope to see many of my dietitian colleagues in and around Boston’s convention center!

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