10 Healthy Low FODMAP Snacks for the Busy FODMAPer

Looking for a tasty and nutritious snack while following the low FODMAP diet?

Today, I thought I would highlight a few of may favorite picks! When following a low FODMAP diet, you do not want to find yourself empty handed during snack time! When hunger hits, here are a few snacks you can enjoy while following the low FODMAP diet:

  • Banana + just the right amount of almond butter. I love these snack packs by Barney’s Butter that contain just a tablespoon of this nutritious nut butter. Perfect for the FODMAPer on the go. The almond cut-off level is about 10 almonds per the Monash U. Low FODMAP app. These small snack packs are just the right size. For those coming to my low FODMAP grocery tour, Barney’s Butter has supplied you will a sample to try!


  • Bars to go.  Many bars are super rich in FODMAP ingredients, you have got to read the label. High FODMAP ingredients you might find in a granola style or energy bar include: dates, honey, agave syrup, chicory root extract, high FODMAP nuts (cashews or pistachios) or wheat, to name a few. I love the 88 Acres dark chocolate and sea salt bars (other flavors may contain FODMAPs) and the Go Macro protein replenishment peanut butter or protein pleasure peanut butter chocolate chip bars (read ingredients for other bars, many contain FODMAPs). Neither bar has been tested for FODMAP content to my knowledge, but these flavors work well for my FODMAPer patients. Try at your own discretion.  Discloser: I have received samples from both of these companies for my upcoming grocery tour.  I reached out first to these companies as I truly love these products for myself and my family.


  • Loaded Rice Cakes. I like to get creative with rice cakes. Did you know that about me? Ha! 🙂 I might opt with peanut butter topped with banana slices and chia or go for a PB & J style. The options are endless!


If not layered with nut butter, I might also layer a rice cake with dark chocolate along with suitable nuts and seeds. And yes, dark chocolate has health benefits (rich in polyphenols linked with gut and heart health benefits). See my post here for tips on making these sweet and delicious rice cakes!

chocolate dipped rice cake

  • Conveniently cut fruit + handful of nuts or wedge of cheese.  So this is how it goes in my house, if fruit is all cut up and ready to eat, it will be gobbled up. If not, well, it can turn into a bit of a science experiment. 🙁  It really is not hard to slice and dice a melon, but… I really like it when the job is done for me! A bit more expensive…yes!  But when my family eats more fruit and less gets tossed in the trash…it really is priceless. Pair the fruit with a wedge of cheese or a handful of suitable nuts and you have a quick low FODMAP snack. Keep fruit portion to 1 serving of fruit per meal (1 medium banana, 1/2-3/4 cup strawberries, 3/4 cup cantaloupe, 1 orange)


  • Veggies + lactose free cottage cheese. Don’t worry, no need to get fancy here, but… aren’t these veggie roll-ups filled with herbed lactose free cottage cheese gorgeous? Get less fancy and serve yourself a scoop of lactose free cottage cheese with a side of low FODMAP veggies such as: red pepper strips, cucumber spears and a few baby carrots.


  • Baked corn tortilla chips and homemade salsa (See my recipe here!)
  • Popcorn! 
  • Smoothie.  I am a huge smoothie fan.  For guidance on low FODMAP smoothie making, check out my post here with a handout to guide you.

Strawberry smoothie

  • Cheese, crackers and grapes. (oh, maybe a glass of wine too?) Multi-grain low FODMAP cracker, a cheese stick or two, and 20 red grapes.
  • FODMAP-friendly Yogurt Parfait: Lactose free yogurt (such as Green Valley Brand) layered with a 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 tablespoon chopped walnuts and sprinkle of chia.

Here’s to healthy snacking!

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  • Lorna Brown

    Hi please can I have sample of Barney’s butter.
    Thank you.
    Also like your rice cake ideas will be trying those any time soon

  • Susan Fox

    Simply Protein now shows a FODMAP bar. Does anyone know about this:

    Simply Wellness Fodmap Bar – Coconut Almond – 12 bars

    FODMAP Bar Ingredients: Oats, Brown Rice Syrup, Natural Peanut Butter, Quinoa, Almonds, Coconut Oil, Coconut Chips, Flavor and Sea Salt. Contains Peanuts and Tree Nuts. May Contain Soybeans, Milk and Sesame Seeds.


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