Dark Chocolate, Seed and Nut Dipped Rice Cakes

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Hello FODMAPers! For those of you in the USA, I hope you enjoyed a nice long weekend!  We spent the weekend in Maine getting in some long walks to the beach with Lucy….and celebrating Russ’ birthday with one too many cupcakes. All good stuff. Labor day is that dreaded mark to the end of summer …but fall in New England is up next…and typically is gorgeous…so there is nothing to be sad about… yet! 🙂

chocolate dipped rice cake

Today, I am sharing a quick and fun recipe…dark chocolate slathered rice cakes with delicious nut and seed toppings.  You might try a few dried cranberries too, if that gets you going. I used a little hemp seed (my favorite) but it is not yet tested by the Monash folks for FODMAP content so use per your personal tolerance. FYI: I used semi-sweet chocolate chips in this recipe. They are considered dark chocolate and most commercial semi-sweet chocolate chip brands should be suitable in a 2 tablespoon limit for FODMAPers.  Milk chocolate chips, however, will contain lactose!

11 replies on “Dark Chocolate, Seed and Nut Dipped Rice Cakes

      • Julie

        Wow. I didn’t know that about semi-sweet chocolate. Would a standard variety like Toll House would be FODMAP friendly?

      • katescarlata

        Yes, most standard semi-sweet chocolate chips would work–but read ingredients. I often use Ghirardelli Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, Hershey’s or Nestle’s. Some contain milk fat–but this should not be a source of the sugar, lactose. And of course, stick w/ semi-sweet NOT milk chocolate (which does have lactose!). And limit to 2 TB per sitting!

  • C. Kidd

    Just made a batch of these with walnuts and dark chocolate chunks. They look great! Can’t wait to try one with tea tonight after dinner. I’ve been missing my ice cream treats, so this should be a healthier substitute. Thank you!

  • Mikayla

    With rice cakes the Monash app say that 2 is the maximum per serve. Does this mean to thin rice cakes or to thick rice cakes? It has in brackets 28g does this mean the total weight of the rice cakes can be 28g? Also would it be ok if you had them more then once a day?

  • Mikayla Greenway

    With rice cakes monash app says that a safe amount is 2 rice cakes; does this mean two thin rice cakes or two thick rice cakes? In brackets it say 28g does this mean the total weight can be 28g? Also are you able to have more then one sever a day?

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