Summer Beach Picnic!

Hey FODMAPer Friends!

I hope you are enjoying a great summer and finding time to get in a little beach time! There is nothing like the sound of rolling ocean waves to calm you inner soul. We all need a little tranquility now and again.

I am headed to Nantucket island next week with my family …and I am sooooo… looking forward to relaxing at the beach. We leave our car on Cape Cod, hop on the ferry to Nantucket and enjoy a week of the simple life. We tend to eat breakfast at home, pack a lunch for the beach and enjoy dinner out most nights on vacation.

Today, I thought I would provide a little inspiration for yummy low FODMAP treats and beverages to pack in your cooler for your next beach picnic.  Here are mix of some of my favorite beach snacks:

PicFrame 2

Recipe links and more yummy Low FODMAP cooler goods ideas

Low FODMAP refreshing beverages to have on ice:

  • Plain and flavored seltzer  
  • Honest Tea (Half tea & half lemonade)  I like this tea mixed with seltzer for a refreshing drink!
  • Infused Iced H2O Add color and flavor with a few cucumber or lemon slices, mint leaves or raspberries or sliced strawberries
  • Strawberry lemonade Per serving: blend 10 frozen strawberries in blender with 1 cup of lemonade, made without high fructose corn syrup (can double or triple recipe as desired but keep serving size to 1 cup).

To celebrate the sunset, these alcoholic beverages might be fun 🙂

  • Red raspberry wine spritzer  Red table wine + splash of seltzer + a few raspberries
  • White wine spritzer  Very cold white wine + splash of club soda + thin lime slices
  • Blueberry Vodka Lemonade  Blueberry Vodka +Lemonade (made without high fructose corn syrup) + plain seltzer + a few blueberries
  • Prosecco  a little bubbly (sparkling wine) is always fun to ring in the evening.

Other important beach trip essentials: sunscreen, cozy blanket, beach games, a good book, and your favorite people. 🙂

Please share your favorite beach snacks….as always, we can learn from each other!








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  • Maggie G

    These are great suggestions. I am taking a breakfast picnic of sorts on our drive to Chicago later this month. I’m not much for breakfast foods so I’d like to use a few of these instead.

    BTW, I just love your site and all of the helpful recipes. Even though I went through elimination and reintroduction and understand the Low Fodmap diet is not a lifetime diet, I found my problem foods are almost all Fructans/GOS and high Fructose so I keep returning here again and again for recipes I can use as is or tweak to add in foods that I can tolerate. Thanks a bunch!

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