Flour-less Oatmeal, Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Cookie

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I have been on Pinterest a little more than I want to admit these days.  And I stumbled onto a flour-less and butter free peanut butter cookie.  So I printed off the recipe, tweaked the recipe (I can’t help myself) and created a yummy low FODMAP cookie recipe for you.

Hello, flour less butter free peanut-y yumminess. flourless pb choc cookies

I found the original recipe here.  

This recipe made 18 good size cookies.  You could definitely make the cookies smaller and get 20 or 22 cookies.  I made half the batter pretty much as written subbing in brown sugar and adding a little more oats.

In addition to dark chocolate chips which I rough chopped first… (check out my broken tipped knife that I broke trying to cut squash….yikes!)Dark chocolate chipsI added a little chopped walnuts and a handful of shredded coconut–which to me, really zipped up the cookie a bit.pb cookies ready to eatThis weekend, Russ and I organized our dining room.  Our dining room table is one of my favorite pieces of furniture and it would be really nice if you could actually see it!  It is somewhat of a catch-all for laundry, papers, boxes, crafts supplies…you name it.  It’s been a 2 day process to get some semblance going in there….but we are making serious headway.  Boy, it always feels so good to get organized.  By nature, I am very unorganized.  I am too busy learning, crafting and having fun.  Cleaning or sitting still ….yeah, I am not very good at that.  🙂

I had a busy week. I flew to Omaha and did a webinar and live talk to a large group of dietitians on FODMAPs and the benefits of using sprouting foods for digestion and nutrient intake. This is my second trip to Omaha to speak this year!  I love being on the road and meeting new colleagues…but it always is good to come back home.  I love love love traveling….but I am a homebody in general. How about you?

Today, I did want to announce the winner of the The Everything Guide To The Low-Fodmap Diet: A Healthy Plan for Managing IBS and Other Digestive Disorders book!  This book was graciously donated to me to give to one of my blog followers! Yay!  The winner is…..<drumroll>  Mary!! Mary, you have been notified via email!  And thanks EVERYONE for sharing all your amazing and tasty recipe ideas!!! I so appreciate it. Will work on a Thanksgiving post soon too.

Up next, a yummy chicken recipe!!

And here is the Flour-less Oatmeal, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookie!  Do you best to limit to one or maybe two cookies per sitting!! MMMMMmmmm!! Enjoy!!

10 replies on “Flour-less Oatmeal, Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Cookie

  • Sheri

    Hi Kate!
    I just wanted to thank you for your blog. It contains so much helpful information regarding Fodmaps, which I’ve recently started. After only a week I feel like a new person, and I referred my sister to your website since she, too, has had the same GI troubles I’ve had my whole life.
    I’m looking forward to making the PB cookie recipe. It looks awesome! May I ask where you found dark chocolate chips? When I was at the grocery store, I only saw regular semisweet chips, and even Special Dark, but those contain milk.
    Like you, I am also a homebody. I am a recipe tweaker, too. 🙂 Thanks again for your great blog!

    • katescarlata

      Sheri, You can use the semi-sweet chocolate chips or Ghiraddelli has a 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate which is yummy too. Chocolate does have limits though….so just a smattering added to recipes!! Don’t go overboard!

  • Sheri

    Hi again. I just wanted to say that I’ve been reading through your blog posts and just came across the one that said dark chocolate and semi-sweet chips were given the green light.

  • Casey

    Hi Kate,

    I also love to travel but I agree with you, I am a homebody at heart. There’s nothing better than dropping your bags after a long trip. Glad to hear that you’re getting FODMAP information out there to Omaha!

    This recipe looks great. I find that chocolate chips work good for me in small amounts (small is the key word here- whether or not that happens, that’s another story!) and offer a nice sweet way to end a meal.

    And speaking for experience, the Pinterest addiction doesn’t really go away- it just gets stronger with time!

  • Reagen

    Kate, can you please come to Houston, Texas!! We need help down here, too!! No one in my area is talking about or has even heard of Low FODMAP diets for IBS sufferers, and since it has CHANGED MY LIFE, I wish more people (i.e. doctors, nurses, dieticians, etc.) new about it and could serve as a resource for those of us who suffer from severe IBS down here in Houston!

  • Sheri

    Thanks for your reply, Kate. I don’t care that much about chocolate, to be honest, so I’m not likely to go overboard.
    I was following Fodmaps for a week and felt great! But last night I had a recurrence of severe bloating a couple of hours after eating fried potatoes. Bummer. I’m thinking I might have a problem with nightshades in general.
    It really is like figuring out a puzzle, that of hitting on just the right combination of foods to eat. Your blog has been extremely helpful in that regard.

  • Julie

    Hi Kate- this recipe looks great! I’ve forwarded your blog to my dad and we’ll be making some things (and def this cookie recipe) to bring to Thanksgiving. Thanks for all your hard work and diligence! 🙂

  • Mary Lou Ridler

    Made these today for my husband.i subsituted raisins for the chocolate chips, ( he likes chocolate but hates chocolate chips.) I also added a little maple syrup. They look and smell wonderful. I was happy to bake for him, and not have to handle any flour. Thanks for your creative ideas.

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