For a Digestive Peace of Mind

New Website. New Products. New Beginnings.

Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 4.55.30 PMI have been on a mission to develop new products to make following the low FODMAP diet easier and a bit more fun!  Check out my new site!

Let me know what you think!

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  • Maddie and Kate

    This is so exciting!! Congratulations!! We love the new site… and just ordered our first Balanced Box!

  • Maddie and Kate

    This is so exciting!! Congratulations!! We love the new site… and just ordered our first Balanced Box!

  • Phil Paroian

    Congrats on the new site which looks great. Looks like there’s lots of interesting things to explore, and I’m definitely considering several of the downloads!

  • BethB

    Congratulations – love the Balanced Box! (You could have a box-of-the-month club (or get six or three), like for fruit and flowers!)

  • Debbie C.

    Congrats Kate!! So happy for you and me. I have just discovered your blog and now a website too! I will be going to a gastroenterologist the first week of November. I think I have IBS. I was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic in July of 2013. Have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hepatitis C and started having water diarrhea in August, 25 days out of 30, usually 2 1/2 to 3 hours after a meal. October 2, I discovered your website. Began following the FODMAP diet and what a blessing it has been. Started off using rice as my carb choice and have had diarrhea only twice since Oct.3rd. One day it was potato skins from my baked potato and another day I had tried to eat some “apple straws” and oh my–did not work, up all night. Tested negative for Celiac but will have to wait for IBS diagnosis.


    Hi Kate,
    If portion matters and yes it does for me:)
    My question is do FODMAPs from different sources have a cumulative effect ?
    30 grams walnuts are Low FODMAP.
    But then throughout the day I have 22 grams of pecans, 1Tbl pine nuts and 2 Tbl of chia seeds.
    All of those amounts are Low FODMAP.
    But cumulatively do they become High FODMAP ?
    Thank you !

    • katescarlata

      Thanks Lauren!! Great to hear from you! I appreciate your kind feedback. The box was super fun to put together and create. It’s pretty great being a dietitian loving my job everyday. And…I know you know what I mean! I hope your private practice is booming! And you are having fun with it!

  • Regina P.

    My Balanced Box of goodies just arrived. That was fast! Can’t wait to go through everything. Thank you Kate for this special treat!!

  • Kate & Maddie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our Balanced Box arrived today (so very fast!)! It was so fun to go through. We love it! Please let us know if another version becomes available as we would definitely order another one.

    • katescarlata

      I am SO happy you have received your balanced box and had fun going through it! We are in the midst of planning another box. But…we are open to ideas for other “themes”….so feel free to share any ideas!

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