Quick Tips for the low FODMAP Vegetarian

Today, I thought I would provide a few tips for the vegetarian low FODMAP followers.   It’s tricky following the low FODMAP diet while enjoying a vegan diet as many of the traditional protein sources on a vegan diet are rich in FODMAPs.  My intern, Laura, compiled this great handout while working with me which offers some great tips: Vegan Menu Planning Low FODMAP.  I also offer a vegetarian FODMAP patient education handout in my handout packet to be used by registered dietitians.IMG_0275It’s  important to remember that the low FODMAP diet is a learning diet so you should be able to add back small amounts of legumes per your personal tolerance after the elimination diet.

Legumes with the lowest FODMAP content per Monash U app  include: CANNED lentils and chickpeas.  {Whole Foods has a suitable onion and garlic free canned lentil product, Westbrae brand.}  Having  legumes sitting in the water in the can for months allows some of the galacto-oligosaccharides to leach out into the water.  JUST remember to drain and rinse canned chickpeas and lentils prior to consumption!  The cut off amount for canned chickpeas is 1/4 cup per meal and 1/2 cup canned lentils per meal.

For a vegan low FODMAP diet, include suitable legumes as above, quinoa, buckwheat, firm traditional tofu, tempeh, suitable nuts, nut butters and seeds can boost your protein intake.

If you are following a lacto-ovo vegetarian low FODMAP diet diet–including lactose free milk, suitable low lactose cheeses, lactose free cow’s milk, lactose free yogurt such as Green Valley brand, and eggs will help up your protein intake.

Laura’s handout in the above link provides much greater detail and tips for vegetarians so do check it out!

I promise, I will provide a write up on the probiotic symposium I attended at Harvard Medical School….I have been busy working on other projects. 🙂

I am just about ready to launch my new website (this blog will stay the same!) …so my blog and site might be down a few days.  Hang tight!


12 replies on “Quick Tips for the low FODMAP Vegetarian

  • Terry

    Thank you! Thank you! This is Vegan FODMAP information is SO helpful to me!

    …a vegan from Alberta, Canada:)

  • Linda dc

    Me too thanks, I am doing a Vegan fodmap diet, and have had great success, I eat high protein grains like quinoa and buckwheat also tempeh and am able to have almond milk now which I make myself then make snacks out of the almond pulp. It really is not that hard if you make sure you have a lot of fresh greens in your diet too.

  • Michael J. Rosen

    Since this is my first comment to your blog, let me begin by thanking you for being such a great resource and help. I appreciate what you’re doing.

    While the above post deals with vegan meal planning, there are a number of other things vegans (and anyone) can do to supplement their protein intake. Here are some FODMAP-friendly high-protein products I have found and use successfully:

    Squarebar Cocoa Crunch (12 gms. protein)
    Squarebar Cocoa Coconut (12 gms. protein)
    GoMacro Macrobar Protein Replenishment Peanut Butter (12 gms. protein)
    Nutribiotics Rice Protein Powder, Plain or Vanilla (12 gms. protein)

    [Note: Other flavors of the above mentioned brands may NOT be suitable for those on a FODMAP Elimination Diet. Fortunately, the flavors I’ve listed are quite tasty.]

    Do you or your readers have other FODMAP-friendly, high-protein product suggestions?

    • katescarlata

      Michael–I am not sure the Squarebars would be a suitable low FODMAP choice. Low glycemic sugars are always a red flag to me. Alhough I have not seen data on the coconut nectar, I suspect it may contain FODMAPs.

  • Winifred

    Thank you for the info about canned lentils – very good to hear they are not totally taboo! If only there could be something similar for onions!


    • Vegan atm

      my low FODMAP list says garlic flavoured oil is ok,probably best to try at someones house if they have a little,rather than buying & wasting a whole bottle.Maybe you could ask the Company that makes it to send you a sample?

  • Vegan atm

    thanks so much for this guide!
    I’m wondering which type of quinoa is lowest in FODMAPS,red,white/black?,I can’t eat peanuts & many other low FODMAP foods unfortunately (there’s a whole friggin list,so most of your recipes I unfortunately can’t make),so this is a big challenge to say the least!
    I find parboiled rice to be a good option,it containing less fibre than whole grain but with more nutrition than just plain white rice.

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